Heather Mac Donald discusses diversity hiring among cops: ‘Letting race trump merit is always a disaster’

Heather Mac Donald, author of “When Race Trumps Merit,” responded to the fevered campaign on the left to paint five black police officers beating a black man, Tyre Nichols, to death in a black-majority city that had a black police chief as furtherance of white supremacy to say the “post-George Floyd horrors never stop coming.”

White supremacy is a media-created mythical boogeyman that is used to smear Republicans, and it was the immediate fallback position of Democrats in their quest to push progressive police reforms that critics argue will hasten the collapse of American society — a necessary step before the utopian rebuild.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted in his introduction of Mac Donald on Monday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that she predicted what we are now seeing in Memphis.

(Video: Fox News)

“Well, this makes me long for the days when we heard ad nauseam from academia that blacks cannot be racist because racism equals power plus privilege, and blacks by definition have neither of them,” Mac Donald said.

“Now we’re at the point where racism is a virtually non-falsifiable proposition — my favorite example of this new paradigm is the claim that the fact that the five officers in Memphis were indicted for murder is itself a product of racism,” she continued. “So what’s an ally to do? The only thing you can do is absolve favored victim groups of all accountability.”

Mac Donald then commented on the push for diversity in policing and how this is resulting in the opposite effect of what was hoped to be achieved.

“But the larger point is that the post-George Floyd horrors never stop coming,” she said. “We lost thousand more black lives to drive-by shootings. Not a single one of those protested by Black Live Matters activists. And police departments are now facing a retention and recruitment crisis. At the same time, the pressure is escalating yet again to hire by race. A pressure that began under the Obama Administration and even was more longstanding.”

“Letting race trump merit is always a disaster — whether it’s in policing or in medical training,” Mac Donald insisted. “And the premise for this diversity hiring is not even true. It’s not the case that the more black officers you have on a force the less excessive force of brutality you have.”

She cited an Obama administration study to say in Philadelphia black and Hispanic officers “were more likely” to shoot black people than white officers, and a separate 2017 study found more black officers on a force the more black civilians were killed.

“So this whole story, the narrative of police racism and the narrative that getting rid of standards will solve our crime or policing problems is completely false and it’s going to get worse,” Mac Donald concluded.

Tom Tillison


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