‘He’s terrifying!’ Sunny Hostin’s claims of being ‘terrorized’ by Jim Jordan don’t add up, footage shows

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin has once again claimed that Republican Rep. Jim Jordan had “terrorized” her when she’d testified to Congress.

The trash-talking about Jordan started on Oct. 5th, when she said he “came out of nowhere” and began pestering her while she was testifying.

“I testified in front of Congress about something so simple, cameras in courtrooms. He came in late. He looked disheveled, and he immediately was screaming and yelling and terrorized me and the other experts on the panel,” she said.

“And describing him as a terrorist is exactly that. He’s a chaos agent, and it came out of nowhere. And he had no command of the subject we were talking about, which made it even scarier. So, to have him – the thought of him being the speaker of the House I think leads to more chaos for this country,” she added.

She repeated the lie on the 11th, claiming that she’d “testified in front of Jim Jordan” and that he’d seemed “like such a lunatic” and “such a wild card.”

“And he’s terrifying!” she added.

Now fast-forward to this Wednesday, the 18th, when she tripled down on the lie during a discussion about Jordan’s failed bid for the Speakership.

“I mean, karma doesn’t lose anyone’s address. And I’m kind of enjoying it, in a sense, because I’ve had my own personal interaction with Jim Jordan, where he terrorized me,” she said.

“Really?” co-host Joy Behar then asked.

“Yeah, when I testified in front of Congress, he was like spitting. He was yelling at me so much that he started spitting,” Hostin replied.


There’s just one problem: Hostin is full of it, and during her testimony to Congress, Jordan never once spoke directly to her.

“He [was] agitated and angry with the committee chair, and snapped at fellow witness, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, who was there with Hostin and the other witnesses to speak on the subject of cameras in the court,” according to Mediaite.

“When Jordan began haranguing Toobin over comments made by the then-CNN legal contributor, he was interrupted and rebuked by Democrat and then-sub-committee Chair Rep. Hank Johnson. The two had a verbal battle, which … Jordan also brought up again angrily at the end of the hearing,” Mediaite notes.

Not once throughout all this did he directly address Hostin.


The only time Hostin reportedly spoke was when she was asked two questions by Johnson, not Jordan.

Question 1: “Ms. Hostin, in your testimony, you describe the challenges of being a journalist with a legal background who is often called on to explain the complexities of an ongoing criminal case. How would great a camera or audio access to court proceedings help you do your job better?”

Question 2: “I have a question for Ms. Hostin and Mr. Toobin. Gallup regularly surveys Americans’ views of the Supreme Court and for years approval or disapproval of the court has fallen on partisan lines. This partisan divide can depend on which party has the most representation on the bench or even the outcome of certain decisions from the previous term. I’m interested in both of your views on whether the Supreme Court’s secrecy plays a role in this divide and how providing video access would help ease the divide.”

It’s not clear why Hostin keeps lying about Jordan. As for the GOP congressman’s speakership bid, it’s currently dead in the water.

This week the House held two votes on his speakership bid but both failed, leading most to expect Jordan to try at least one more time. Except the Ohio Republican suddenly decided to throw in the towel after the second vote on Thursday.

According to reports, Jordan will instead back current interim speaker Patrick McHenry, or at least until January:

That said, Jordan is still the so-called “speaker designee,” and according to The Daily Caller, he still plans to run for speaker — just not now. A source close to him said that he will continue to “try to shore up votes until” January.

“Remains speaker designee. Not dropping out. McHenry temporary till January,” the source added.

The only good news is that the lack of an official speaker makes it impossible for Congress to pass legislation, including potentially harmful legislation.

The bad news, of course, is that without a speaker, Congress likewise can’t defund Ukraine spending or put limits on Israel spending.


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