Hilton: FBI ‘must be held accountable’ for colluding with Big Tech to run cover for Dems

Fox News host Steve Hilton slammed Democrats, the FBI, and Big Tech Friday night as the third installment of the “Twitter Files” dropped, showing what led up to former President Trump getting banned from the social media platform.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Hilton delved into the release of the “Twitter Files” during an interview with Fox News host Trace Gallagher. He slammed the obvious collusion that took place between intelligence agencies, Big Tech, and the Democrats, pointing out the obvious corruption and demanding that someone needs to be held accountable for it.

“They’re rebranding censorship. They are trying to say that this is not censorship. This is not silencing anyone. This is just visibility filtering. I mean, on and on it goes. The whole thing is completely outrageous because, at the heart of this, you have something that is a monumental scandal. You have the FBI colluding with Big Tech to influence the election on behalf of one political party. That’s what’s going on here,” he charged.

“It is completely unbelievable that the rest of the media are not interested in this story. Look at the way that they never stopped talking about Russia collusion that turned out to be a hoax invented by the Democrats. Here we have actual FBI collusion with Big Tech to actually meddle in the election and they’re not interested,” he accused.

Gallagher then delved deeper into the meetings that social media platforms reportedly had with intelligence agencies, especially the FBI.

“This is tweet number 20 and it says, quoting here, ‘The post about Hunter Biden laptop situation shows that Roth,’ talking about one of their security officers, ‘not only met weekly with the FBI and DHS but with the office of the director of National Intelligence.’ Steve, the feds were literally sending notice about everything from the Hunter Biden laptop all the way through mail-in ballots, if you can believe that,” Gallagher pointed out.

“Yes, and all of these things are completely unacceptable. And if you take the story that was on the laptop and I think this story should be accurately described not as the Hunter Biden laptop story, it’s the Joe Biden corruption scandal, a massive scandal where you see the presidential candidate of one party where there’s clear evidence that he was the head of a corrupt influence-peddling operation with a hostile foreign power and they cover it up,” Hilton responded.

“Worse the FBI is engaged in the cover-up even though they know it’s true because they had the laptop for over a year. That’s a massive scandal. Imagine if in the 2016 election you had the collusion here which, let’s just take an example, the Access Hollywood tape was suppressed by Big Tech and the media. You could say well that was hacked and leaked which is the argument they are using for the laptop. But it’s just absolutely stunning to me there’s not a massive outcry involved,” he remarked.

Gallagher then played video of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifying before Congress that there was no shadowbanning or censoring of conservatives on the social media platform which has now been shown to be untrue.

“And then today we learn that that’s totally false and they were letting pro-Biden tweets go through. I mean, potential perjury stuff here Steve,” Gallagher posited to Hilton.

“Yes, that’s a lie. It’s exactly the same category of a lie as when you see Fauci denying that he funded and commissioned ‘gain of function’ research. He’s arguing about semantics, about the definition. Jack Dorsey says, ‘Oh, we don’t do shadow banning.’ Yes, you do. You call it … visibility filtering. It’s shadow banning, it’s censoring, and it’s silencing just like the experiments Fauci commissioned on ‘gain of function’ or whatever label he puts on it,” Hilton contended.

“And the job of the next House of Representatives and these committees chaired by Republicans is to haul these people in and to establish the evidence and if there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing, these people should be prosecuted,” he concluded.

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