House Oversight Republicans demand answers on emission regulations that could threaten ‘grid reliability’

With a potential energy crisis on the horizon, House Republicans demanded answers from President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency over proposed emission regulations.

Led by House Oversight and Accountability Committee member Kansas Rep. Jake LaTurner and chair Kentucky Rep. James Comer, 22 congressional Republicans issued a letter Wednesday to EPA Administrator Michael Regan.

Seeking “documents and communications between” the White House, EPA and other agencies, the committee letter expressed, “It is difficult to overstate the threat that the proposed performance standards pose to grid reliability in the United States.”

“If the proposed rule went into effect, it would have the strongest impact on power plants supplying baseload power to the electric grid,” they argued.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the proposed regulations would mark the first time carbon emissions would be restricted on existing power plants, impacting nearly 3,400 power plants that are responsible for more than 60 percent of the nation’s electricity.

Of chief concern to GOP lawmakers was the cost incurred by the power plants in being forced to adapt their production to cut carbon emissions by roughly 90 percent by the year 2035, all for carbon capture technology that has gone “largely untested at scale.”

“Over the past two years, millions of Americans have felt the crushing weight of rising utility bills as a direct result of the Administration’s assault on domestic energy production,” the letter read. “At a time of nationwide calls for increased electrification, the EPA’s knowingly decreasing generating capacity is a textbook bait-and-switch to American consumers.”

For some plants, the cost to retrofit would get passed on to the consumer further compounding the rising cost of living experienced under Biden’s leadership. For others, the committee argued, “the requisite technology and infrastructure will be cost-prohibitive…forcing existing power plants to shutter.”

“This Administration must focus more on keeping the lights on for American citizens, and less on antagonizing reliable sources of power generation,” the letter further stated.

This attack on America’s grid is just one of a series of bureaucratic efforts to force the nation to bend to the will of the Green agenda as previously it was reported the Department of Energy had proposed regulating gas furnaces to have 95 percent fuel utilization efficiency by 2029, a move that would place a hefty financial burden on households not compatible with the technology if and when their existing furnace gave out.

Speaking with Fox News Digital, LaTurner said, “President Biden’s failed energy policies have resulted in the highest electricity prices in four decades and skyrocketing utility bills. The EPA’s new power plant emissions restrictions are just another example of this President and his army of unelected bureaucrats forcing burdensome and costly regulations on domestic energy producers.”

“The Biden Administration should focus more on keeping the lights on for American families and less on their reckless Green New Deal agenda,” he went on. “I’m proud to work with Chairman Comer and my colleagues on the Oversight Committee to demand answers and accountability for the American people.”

As the letter argued, “To sacrifice affordable energy, national security, and global competitiveness would be unacceptable tradeoffs for the marginal emissions reductions EPA is projecting.”

The committee gave the EPA until July 5 to respond and also requested public comment be extended no less than 60 days.

Kevin Haggerty


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