Hunter Biden reportedly converted dad’s Delaware residence containing classified docs into home office

Hunter Biden allegedly transformed his father’s Wilmington, Delaware home, where classified documents have been found, into a home office that was central to his overseas business dealings, according to experts and leaked cellphone texts.

This comes as allegations swirl that Hunter Biden used classified materials to profit off business deals involving energy and Ukraine, according to Fox Business. He reportedly emailed his partner in 2014 before Vice President Joe Biden flew to Ukraine.

The president’s son reportedly listed the Wilmington home as his address in the wake of his 2017 divorce from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle. Hunter Biden went so far as to claim that he owned the lakefront mansion on a July 2018 background check form as part of a rental application, the New York Post reported. He also used that home’s address as his billing address for a personal credit card and an Apple account in 2018 and 2019.

At least 12 classified documents have been found at that residence, dating back to President Biden’s time in the Senate. Those documents as well as ten others found at Biden’s old office in Washington, D.C. reportedly mention nations that Hunter Biden had questionable business dealings with such as Ukraine.

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Numerous text messages and conversations from 2018 that were on Hunter Biden’s iPhone allegedly show that he planned to convert part of the property into a home office, according to The Post.

“Have what’s in storage sent to my parents guest house,” Hunter Biden told his assistant Katie Dodge in a Dec. 10, 2018 text message.

Four days after that, Dodge texted him an image from inside a storage facility with large wooden containers stacked three deep.

“You have almost I think 3 of these containers full of office and personal items. Will they fit at Barley Road? It’s 3,000 cubic feet,” she told Hunter Biden.

The younger Biden had previously been renting office space at the elegant House of Sweden facility in Washington, D.C. His lease there ended in February 2018.

Experts contend that Hunter Biden’s presence in the home is an obvious security risk and would have provided certain business opportunities for him.

“Having access to US classified material makes it much easier to leverage your business operations. You know things others don’t know or can’t know. That’s one very distinct possibility,” Jim Hanson, who is the president of WorldStrat which is an information operations consultancy, told the New York Post.

“He’s a degenerate junkie cavorting with foreign prostitutes. How could that go wrong in a place where a bunch of documents are stashed everywhere?” Hanson snarked.

Warren Flagg, who is a former FBI agent, called Hunter Biden taking up residence at the property “outrageous.”

”Hunter is a wild card, making millions a year with no experience. There’s a plethora of unconfirmed possibilities here which would be detrimental to this entire situation,” he noted. “How many people have access to the house? It is a zoo.”

Writer Miranda Divine found a suspicious email to Hunter Biden’s partner Devon Archer, that was sent on April 13, 2014. It read like a State Department briefing, according to the Washington Examiner.

Devine commented that it “looks very much like it came from a classified briefing. At least, it has the flavor of an official briefing, perhaps a classified one.”

“And it’s a very uncharacteristic email for Hunter. It’s unlike anything else. Well-written, very lengthy. It’s 1,300 words. It’s very detailed,” she elaborated. “It has a lot of information in it, very strategic geopolitical information about Ukraine. It lists 22 points about Ukraine, about its political situation, about the upcoming election. … It also predicted that Russia would escalate. It also predicted that the U.S. would apply sanctions very confidently. And so you wonder: Where does Hunter Biden get this information?”

A week after Hunter Biden sent that email, his father flew to Ukraine to pressure them on their energy policy. A few weeks after that, Hunter Biden became a board member for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

House Republicans are now investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the office aspect of the scandal is sure to be scrutinized as well as that email.

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