‘It’s a bloodbath: They lost HALF their audience’ – Megyn Kelly reacts to Fox News’ cratering numbers

Megyn Kelly predicted earlier this week that Fox News would “take a hit” this week after the departure of Tucker Carlson, but she probably wasn’t expecting the blood bath that has occurred.

The numbers through Wednesday are stunning, as Kelly noted in a tweet that Fox News has lost “HALF their audience.”

Former CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter shared viewership numbers in a tweet and to get a feel for just how bad the bleeding is, Adweek noted that on Wednesday, for the first time ever, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was No. 1 in the 8 p.m. time slot in both total viewers and the key 25-54 demo.

Taking exception to Stelter comparing this week’s numbers to Carlson’s final show, which was on a Friday, Kelly tweeted: “You can’t compare Tucker’s Fri night ratings to this week’s Mon/Tue. (Fridays in prime are where ratings go to die.) Compare his last Mon/Tue to this week’s Mon/Tue. It’s a bloodbath: they lost HALF their audience.”

The Nielson ratings company compared this Wednesday to last Wednesday to report that Fox News viewership was down 56 percent from the 3.05 million viewers Carlson drew last week.

On average, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was getting 3.25 million viewers per night, meaning viewership on Wednesday’s 8 p.m. replacement show hosted by Brian Kilmeade was less than half.

Kelly, a former Fox News host herself who now has a very successful podcast, has been outspoken about Carlson’s exit all week, saying it was “a terrible move by Fox, and it’s a great thing for Tucker Carlson.”

Appearing on “Dan Abrams Live,” she said the network’s audience “is very, very angry.”

“Tucker is going to have more success, more money and more influence in an independent lane,” Kelly predicted. “I mean look at Joe Rogan. His audience dwarfs anything that’s on cable news right now and Tucker could rival him. So I think he’ll make more money in the independent lane and it’ll all go in his pocket as opposed to in Rupert (Murdoch’s).”

At the same time, she noted that Fox News wasn’t making a lot of money from Carlson’s show because the left’s demonization scared off advertisers.

“Though Tucker was No. 1 and an incredible talent who really made Fox News relevant in a way it wouldn’t have been over the past few years, he struggled to bring in top ad dollars in that hour,” Kelly said. “One problem Tucker has had, since he’s been so demonized by the left is he doesn’t have the top flight advertisers in that particular hour because he’s so controversial. So, Fox actually doesn’t make that much money off of Tucker’s hour.”

As for Carlson’s influence, he dropped a video on Twitter at the exact time of his former show and, as of this writing, that post has been seen an astounding 71.9 million times.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on Twitter:

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