‘It’s Shakespearean’: Festering rift between Biden family, top aides reaches boiling point

The Democratic party’s crisis over the sudden supposition that Joe Biden may be senile has exposed a festering rift between the embattled leader’s trusted aides and his family.

With it looking like the 81-year-old is on the ropes, the long-simmering tensions have spilled out into public view with one insider describing the situation as “Shakespearean” as calls for the party to pull the plug only four months before the 2024 election grow louder by the day.

An administration that has long prided itself on lockstep control of information is now faced with negative daily coverage based on sources who are leaking like sieves to the media and the picture painted by no fewer than 13 anonymous sources who spilled their guts to NBC News isn’t pretty.

“The debate fiasco has opened up a lane for the family to surpass staff and start helping out their father and brother who they love dearly,” one source told the outlet.

It was previously reported by Politico that during their big family pow-wow at Camp David in which they decided that he should defy calls to drop out, the clan is scapegoating senior communications adviser Anita Dunn, her husband Bob Bauer who is also the president’s personal attorney and former White House chief of staff Ron Klain.

“In the view of some Biden aides, the family is seizing on an opportunity to try to settle old scores. In the view of family members, the debate is the culmination of misguided advice from aides who they don’t believe have helped the president best showcase his political appeal,” NBC News reported.

“It’s not helpful,” an unnamed Biden campaign aide told the outlet. Another described the acrimonious situation in more colorful terms: “It’s Shakespearean.”

Following their meeting, there were immediate signs that the family was asserting its control and reports that convicted felon Hunter Biden was sitting in on meetings.

“While he is regularly at the White House residence and events, it is unusual for Hunter Biden to be in and around meetings his father is having with his team, these people said. They said the president’s aides were struck by his presence during their discussions,” NBC News reported, citing anonymous sources who said the presidential son “has also been talking to senior White House staff members.”

“What the hell is happening?” was the reaction from senior staff members according to an unnamed “person familiar” with the situation.

“The president and first lady have full confidence in their team, including Anita and Bob,” White House chief of staff Jeff Zients rejected the reports of internal turmoil.

“There is absolutely no truth to these unfounded and insulting rumors,” Zients said in a statement, according to NBC News.

Chris Donaldson


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