‘Jeopardy!’ host calls out leftist feminists for SILENCE over Hamas’ EVIL atrocities against women and girls

“Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik has gone viral for writing a furious X screed at all the “progressive” feminists silent in the face of Hamas’ evil atrocities.

During the Oct. 7th terror attack on Israel, Hamas terrorists brutally raped women and little girls, leaving some with broken pelvises, before killing them.

Yet in the face of this cruel, barbaric violence against women and girls, feminists have been notably silent, according to Bialik’s X post:

“There has been an abhorrent and conspicuous absence of women’s organizations around the world unequivocally condemning the systematic rape and torture of women on October 7 by Hamas. Brutal gang rapes, sexual torture, and murder of fetuses happened- period,” the post reads.

“Where are the ‘BELIEVE THEM’ voices? These crimes against women were in many cases documented by the terrorists themselves and broadcast for the world to see. Those of us who have fought for women’s rights and have sought to shout from the rooftops when women’s bodies are being used in war for the sadistic pleasure of perpetrators are astounded at how the world has been silent surrounding this,” it continues.

“The UN (U.N. Women – the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) took 50 days to express ‘alarm’… First Lady of Israel Michal Herzog and Sheryl Sandberg have been trying to draw attention to this. Progressive feminists of the world: where are you?” it concludes.

Notice what Bialik wrote about the U.N. Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

On Nov. 29th, nearly two months after the Oct. 7th terror attack, the group finally acknowledged the sexual violence that had occurred during the attack by retweeting the following from U.N. chief Antonio Guterres:

Both the group and Guterres were subsequently ratioed for taking so long to acknowledge the truth about the atrocities committed on Oct. 7th.


Why indeed did it take this long for the U.N. to speak out? It’s likely because of moral equivalence. Many in power are desperate to draw a false moral equivalence between the Israelis and the Hamas terrorists. But for this moral equivalence to be valid, they have to bury and hide the atrocities committed by the terrorist group.

And so, desperate to boost Hamas’ image and place it on moral par with Israel, many feminists and other so-called “progressives” have either ignored the terrorist group’s actions or, worse, even downplayed them.

This has led Israel to seek official recognition of Hamas’ sexual violence.

“Israel held a meeting at the U.N. in Geneva late on Monday to raise awareness of sexual violence against women perpetrated during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks amid criticism that the global body has kept quiet about the issue,” Reuters reported this week.

“The private event, attended by diplomats, rights groups and U.N. agencies, is the first Israel-organised event outside the country to address acts of sexual violence by Hamas, which Israel’s diplomatic mission described as ‘widespread,” according to Reuters.

Speaking at the event, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, an associate professor at the Bar-Ilan University, accused the U.N. of having “downplayed” and “minimized” the sexual violence committed by Hamas.

“We expected a clear and loud statement that says that there is no justification for using the bodies of women as a weapon of war. None of this came up until now,” she said.

Vivek Saxena


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