Jim Jordon responds to Trump verdict with another DC hearing as GOP struggles to strike back

Galvanizing the GOP, former President Donald Trump’s verdict prompted a multi-front response in “a battle of good versus evil.”

Throughout the presidential election cycle, and especially during Trump’s New York Criminal trial, much attention has been paid to his possible running mate in a wide field. Of its own import in an era marred by lawfare, some potential attorney general candidates wasted little time taking the fight to the left after the president’s was convicted on each of his 34 felony counts.

From Congress Friday, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) requested an appearance from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and prosecutor Matthew Colangelo at a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing June 13.

“This hearing will examine actions by state and local prosecutors to engage politically motivated prosecutions of federal officials, in particular the recent political prosecution of President Donald Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office,” wrote Jordan seeking a response to the invitation no later than Friday, June 7.

Likewise, Article III Project founder and president Mike Davis, former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), alluded to investigations of the Manhattan DA Thursday as he reacted to Bragg’s announcement of the verdict on social media.

“Preserve your records, @ManhattanDA. You’re ringleaders in a federal criminal conspiracy to violate President Trump’s constitutional rights. Those are serious federal civil-rights felonies. Accountability is coming, starting on January 20, 2025,” he contended, marking the date of the inauguration for the next presidential term. “‘Nobody is above the law.'”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), a prominent actor in the fight for election integrity, indicated after the conviction, “This verdict is an outright assault not only on President Trump but on every American who believes in justice and the rule of law. This is a battle of good versus evil and let me be clear: the political elite may think they’ve won the battle, but President Trump and the unstoppable MAGA movement will win the war.”

While it wasn’t immediately clear what actions the Lone Star State’s top cop would be taking, he asserted, “I will unleash every tool at my disposal to fight this blatant corruption and political persecution spewing from New York and the Biden administration.”

Meanwhile, as had been previously reported from the upper chamber of Congress, Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) was leading a growing number of GOP colleagues in pledging to hold accountable those “who turned our judicial system into a political cudgel,” by first flat-out opposing “any Democrat legislative priorities or nominations.”

“I hope to have every Republican senator sign this,” he wrote as nine had jot their names down beside his as of the time of this post. “This is a call for Senate Republican Conference unity. Now is a time for choosing. Will we let the Republic fall or are we going to do something about it?”

The public appeared in accord with Lee as an astounding eight-figure haul was reportedly brought in to support the GOP after Trump’s verdict, with more than $34 million in the first hours and almost $53 million in the first full day.

Kevin Haggerty


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