Judge rules Trump made false claims for purpose of delaying Jan. 6 election vote, Dems cry ‘smoking gun’

Since Donald Trump first came down the escalator in 2015 and announced he was running for President of the United States, the biased media, rabid liberals, and “Republican In Name Only” Never-Trumpers have repeatedly stated that they’ve found the “smoking gun” that will destroy him.

The latest to make the claim is George Conway, who predicted on Wednesday that the former president will have “the meltdown to end all meltdowns” after a ruling from federal Judge David Carter accused Trump of knowingly pressing “false claims in federal court for the purpose of delaying the January 6 vote.”

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On Wednesday, Carter ordered former Trump DOJ official John Eastman to turn over four emails to the House select Jan. 6 committee that, according to the Central District of California judge, prove Trump knew the claims he made in Georgia regarding the counting of votes from dead people, felons, and unregistered voters in Fulton County were false.

“Four emails demonstrate an effort by President Trump and his attorneys to press false claims in federal court for the purpose of delaying the January 6 vote. The evidence confirms that this effort was undertaken in at least one lawsuit filed in Georgia,” Carter wrote.

“On December 4, 2020, President Trump and his attorneys alleged in a Georgia state court action that Fulton County improperly counted a number of votes including 10,315 deceased people, 2,560 felons, and 2,423 unregistered voters,” the judge explained. “President Trump and his attorneys then decided to contest the state court proceeding in federal court, and discussed incorporating by reference the voter fraud numbers alleged in the state petition.”

“On December 30, 2020, Dr. Eastman relayed ‘concerns’ from President Trump’s team ‘about including specific numbers in the paragraph dealing with felons, deceased, moved, etc.,'” he continued. “The attorneys continued to discuss the President’s resistance to signing ‘when specific numbers were included.’ As Dr. Eastman explained the next day:

Although the President signed a verification for [the state court filing] back on Dec. 1, he has since been made aware that some of the allegations (and evidence proffered by the experts) has been inaccurate. For him to sign a new verification with that knowledge (and incorporation by reference) would not be accurate.


“President Trump and his attorneys ultimately filed the complaint with the same inaccurate numbers without rectifying, clarifying, or otherwise changing them. President Trump, moreover, signed a verification swearing under oath that the incorporated, inaccurate numbers ‘are true and correct’ or ‘believed to be true and correct’ to the best of his knowledge and belief,” Carter wrote.

“The emails show that President Trump knew that the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong but continued to tout those numbers, both in court and to the public,” the judge concluded. “The Court finds that these emails are sufficiently related to and in furtherance of a conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

According to Conway, this is the “smoking gun” that Trump’s opponents have been waiting for.

“What this is, is a smoking gun in Georgia because if you look at what the judge describes here of these emails is, they file a lawsuit, a state court lawsuit in early December, Dec. 4, making various allegations about dead people voting, about felons voting, unregistered voters voting,” Conway told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“And by the end of December, they’re aware that these allegations are false,” he continued. “And that’s the email that the judge votes here, one of the e-mails where Eastman says the president has since been made aware that some of the allegations have been inaccurate. And then they go and actually the lawyers go and have him file a federal lawsuit where Trump certifies under oath, verifies under oath, that these allegations were in fact, true.”

“That’s perjury and that’s certainly evidence of federal crimes,” Conway stated.

With midterm elections now less than a month away, chances are good the Jan. 6 committee will be dissolved if, as expected, Republicans retake control of the House, so it’s understandable that Trump’s detractors are now hearing a ticking clock and feeling the pressure to produce some kind of gun, smoking or otherwise.

As Conway noted, the Georgia investigation is “well advanced” enough to “bring charges” before the Dems’ big show falls apart.

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“I think the Georgia investigation, based upon the witnesses they have called, seems to be well advanced,” he stated. “I would think they would want to bring charges by the end of the year because you really want to — it’s been going on for quite some time.”

“And this is just — I mean, this is a devastating piece of evidence here,” the salivating RINO declared.

“These emails are going to go to the Jan. 6 committee and the Jan. 6 committee has been working with the Justice Department and with the Georgia prosecutors,” Conway explained. “This is going to be used against him and it’s a devastating, as I said, a devastating piece of evidence.”

Trump, says Conway, “reeks of desperation.”

“This man is cornered at every turn and he’s not surrounded by wise legal council,” he said. “I think you will see further acts of desperation from him.”

But that desperation, predicted Conway, won’t stop Trump from running again for President. He’ll throw his hat into the ring just to protect himself from “legal proceedings.”

“He’s a desperate man. And he’s getting more and more desperate. I think we will see that over the coming months,” he stated. “He will run for president, in effect, for protection against these legal proceedings. But there will be too many of them. And I think we’re going to see the — you know, I think he might get the nomination anyway. But I think we will see the meltdown to end all meltdowns of a public figure.”

Online, people aren’t impressed with Conway or his predictions.

“‘Conservative attorney George Conway’ lol,” wrote one user on Twitter. “How long has that grifter been saying the walls are closing in on Trump?”


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