Kari Lake’s quest for ‘Trump-blessed’ school curriculum already making Dem heads explode

Corporate media is resoundingly out of touch with the American citizenry, so much so that NBC’s Brahm Resnik appeared to inadvertently cut a campaign ad for Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake as he endeavored to slam her for her support of “Trump-blessed” curriculum.

(Video: KPNX)

Resnik, the host of “Sunday Square Off” on the NBC Phoenix, Arizona affiliate KPNX, doesn’t look to be much of a fan of Lake or former President Donald Trump. If a perusal of his social media activity where he retweets posts calling the GOP candidate “a fraud” weren’t enough to cement that, his piece about her curriculum proposals for The Grand Canyon State had all the hallmarks of liberal bias.

“The Donald Trump-endorsed nominee for Arizona governor wants the state’s schoolchildren to learn from a curriculum inspired in part by Trump,” Resnik wrote in a companion piece to the segment.

As she had stated in May during an event at the state Capitol, Lake said, “We want a curriculum that makes sense. We want a curriculum that sets our kids up for success.”

“I believe in the Hillsdale College 1776 curriculum,” Lake added.

That curriculum was fully endorsed by then-President Donald Trump on Constitution Day 2020 when he established The 1776 Commission with the aim of ensuring that the teaching of history wasn’t eroded by progressive interpretations of events undercutting the profound impact that America’s founding had at home and abroad.

“Whether it is the mob on the street, or the cancel culture in the boardroom, the goal is the same: to silence dissent, to scare you out of speaking the truth, and to bully Americans into abandoning their values, their heritage, and their way of life,” Trump said at the time.

KPNX reached out to Lake’s campaign to verify that she was, in fact, supportive of curriculum developed by Michigan’s Hillsdale College under the direction of President Larry Arnn. A spokesperson confirmed, “Kari looked through the Hillsdale 1776 curriculum and discussed it with educators before selecting it as an alternative to the biased, CRT-based indoctrination permeating current textbooks and lesson plans.

Resnik attempted to shame Arnn and his “small, Christian” school, airing footage of the college president expressing the sentiments widely held by parents weary of the indoctrination in government-run education.

“They’re messing with people’s children,” Arnn said. “They feel entitled to do anything to them.”

“The 1776 curriculum promotes a conservative reading of American history,” Resnik went on, adding, “One theme, blaming progressives–Democratic presidents–for the ‘greatest deviations from the original Constitution.'”

He further read from the curriculum, “Young American citizens must understand why and how the government of the country they now live in was changed from what their country’s Founders originally intended.”

Near the end, Resnik even provided quick bullets of Lake’s aims for her state’s education system if she were to be elected in contrast to Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs, and his framing showed he was clearly unaware of how positively those points are viewed by the public.

“School choice: parents could send their children to any school for any purpose,” he noted before listing, “more options to attend technical or trade schools as soon as [students] sophomore year.”

By contrast, he said, Katie Hobbs “puts education at the top of a long to-do list,” by regulating charter school funds and rolling back the availability of school vouchers.

The governor of Arizona has the ability to appoint 10 of 11 members of the State Board of Education and Arnn’s curriculum was credited as influential in the education system of Tennessee as well as Florida where Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has forged a reputation as a defender of parents’ rights.

President Trump’s endorsement of Lake had specifically stated her strong position on schools and her other lauded views.

“She is strong on Crime, will protect our Border, Second Amendment, Military and Vets, and will fight to restore Election Integrity (both past and future!) She is against Covid lockdowns, Cancel Culture, and will end ‘woke’ curriculum in our schools,” the former president said. “She will do a far better job than RINO Governor Doug Ducey–won’t even be a contest!”

Kevin Haggerty


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