Kodak moment: Guy stops to get photo of giant crocodile, almost regrets it

A tradesman who said he was building a few structures near Gunbalanya, in the Northern Territory of Australia, came across a giant crocodile in the road and thought the encounter would make for a great Kodak moment — forgive the dated reference.

But that “moment” threatened to turn out poorly for Kane Marcus when he got a little too close and the beast suddenly lunged at him, sending the Crocodile Dundee wannabe scampering for safety.

As seen in the video below Marcus didn’t go too far and soon returned to the task at hand, which was getting some good close-up photos of the encounter:

A friend or coworker following Marcus in another video was recording the encounter when the crocodile sent him into a full retreat.

“Brus, that’s wicked,” the man said off-camera.

He also noted that the animal may have been missing an arm, which may or may not make him any less dangerous if someone got too close.

In the end, it would appear that they managed to tame the raging beast as Marcus shared the photo below on Facebook:

Facebook: Kane Marcus

There are believed to be over 100,000 full-sized crocodiles in the wild in Australia, according to the Daily Mail, with the largest population found in the Northern Territory. The British newspaper said that male crocodiles can reach a staggering 3.3m in length, which equated to more than 10 feet long.

Tom Tillison


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