Lara Trump spars with Fox Business host who suggested fmr president has lost ‘the old magic’

Vowing to “fight like never before,” Donald Trump officially announced Tuesday evening from the elegant ballroom of his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., that he is running for president of the United States for a third time, giving a forward-looking speech focused on solutions to the growing problems facing America under the Biden administration.

Yet, Trump’s promise to “make America great and glorious again” seemed to fall flat in the sense that much of the media played down the big announcement, having learned its lesson about giving Trump earned media attention — the New York Times reported in March 2016 that Trump had received $2 billion worth of free media due to the relentless coverage he had enjoyed.

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Fox Business host Stuart Varney seemed to be in that camp, suggesting that Trump just didn’t have the “old magic” anymore, and he told the former president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, that to her face — digitally speaking.

Lara Trump, now a Fox News contributor, appeared on his show Wednesday to discuss her father-in-law’s 2024 bid for the White House and was asked, “Those of us on the outside looking at it, it didn’t seem that he got the old magic, you know what I mean?”

“I highly disagree with that,” the wife of Eric Trump replied. “Look, for Donald Trump, from the very beginning, from the first day he came down the escalator in 2015 in Trump Tower, it’s never been about elected officials, politicians, people in the swamp in D.C. It’s been about the American people and if you look around the room last night, you had people from all different walks of life.”

“The energy there at Mar-a-Lago was absolutely incredible,” Lara added. “It really did to me feel like the 2015, 2016 campaign all over again.”

“I think we are at a point in America right now where we’re really hurting on a lot of fronts. A lot of people are struggling,” she said. “I think they look back not too long ago at when Donald Trump was in charge of so much of our country and how much different it was in America and how much better it was in America. So he made it very clear last night that he is running to bring this country back and to help people. He said it’s about unity, it’s not about Republican and Democrat. It’s about the we, the people of America and that’s who he’s running for.”

Varney seems to have certainly soured on Trump and he slammed the former president after last week’s midterm elections, saying Trump “is dragging the Republican Party into the mud, again. He thinks only he can win. He’s conveniently ignoring his own record.”

Acknowledging that Trump would have little trouble cinching the Republican presidential nomination, Varney told Lara Trump that he cannot win in the general election — one thing is certain, the media will once again throw any pretense of journalistic integrity out the window in a morally righteous call of duty to defeat him, meaning whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being, they too can retire to the basement until Election Day.

Leaning on the anticipated economic improvement under a Trump administration, Lara disagreed with Varney’s assessment.

“They know how good it was with Trump in office,” she said. “And even those who might not like his tweets and personality, I think would be much happier to pay lower gas prices, to be able to afford their groceries, and to have a better trajectory for their lives.”

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