Leftists call for ‘Meet the Press’ boycott, cancelation of new host over Trump interview

New “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker is facing calls for her cancellation before her debut has even aired for giving a national television forum to former President Donald J. Trump, an unforgivable offense to the rabidly authoritarian left-wing thought police.

Welker, who replaced Democratic Party shill Chuck Todd at the helm of NBC’s Sunday Morning flagship, sat down with the embattled 2024 GOP frontrunner for a wide-ranging interview, portions of which have already been posted to social media as teasers for the show, infuriating those who see free speech as an existential threat to their agenda of total societal control.

Leftist cyberbullies took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to attack Welker and her network, accusing her of having “sold her soul” and spewing the tiresome and historically ignorant comparisons of Trump to Hitler that have become commonplace in this sad era of historical dumbness, with calls for a boycott of the long-running political talk show.

“‘Kristen Welker to Interview Trump For Meet the Press Launch.”‘Nothing like kicking off your new political show with a man who attempted a coup and incited the Jan 6 attack. It’s as if corporate media wants FASCISM. Plus she will lose liberals forever,” wrote Sirius/XM host Dean Obeidallah, a frequent MSNBC contributor who recently insisted Trump must die in prison to save “democracy.”

Unhinged former MSNBC/ESPN personality Keith Olbermann, who has spent his post-network years holed up in his New York apartment where he records crazed self-made videos of his profanity-soaked political rants, slammed Welker as a stenographer for Trump, a man who he hates so intensely it has driven him into madness.

Another left-wing X user who identifies as an “ally of the #lgbtq+ community” and goes by the unironically apropos handle of Oral Carter, accused the new MTP host of selling her soul, adding “She’s jumped on the Trump Train, and will now be using her platform to confirm the LIES of Trump and the GOP. All for ratings. Chuck Todd was bad, but she’s trash.

More howls of outrage from the creatures who populate the leftist moonbat fever swamp on X.

Whether or not the daring interview with the persecuted and demonized enemy of the regime adversely affects Welker’s career trajectory remains to be seen but a similar backlash against CNN over the now infamous New Hampshire town hall with Trump ignited an internal mutiny against then-network boss Chris Licht that ultimately cost him his job.

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Chris Donaldson


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