Lauren Boebert’s ‘Beetlejuice’ date owns Aspen bar that hosted drag show

The man Rep. Lauren Boebert was spotted with at Denver’s Buell Theatre on Sunday has since been identified as a bar owner.

But not just any sort of bar owner. The bar owned by Quinn Gallagher is one that staged a drag show this past January.

An advertisement posted on Instagram shows that the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen hosted “A Winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show” on Jan. 20th.



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Another advertisement — this one posted to Facebook — shows that the bar likewise hosted the Aspen Gay Ski Week back in January of 2020.


We invite our women of AGSW to gather for an evening of cocktails, appetizers, and laughs at our Women’s Cocktail Party!…

Posted by Aspen Gay Ski Week on Monday, January 13, 2020

Since Boebert is perceived as a “far-right” politician with deeply Christian views, and because she’s previously spoken out against parents taking their children to drag shows, her public rendezvous with Gallagher is now triggering massive mockery from the left.

Never mind that there’s no evidence that the drag show at Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar had been open to families with children, and never mind that there’s also no evidence that Boebert was aware that her date’s bar had once hosted a drag show months earlier.

Because according to leftists, her merely going out on a date with a guy linked to a single drag show makes her a raging hypocrite (*Language warning):

That being said, some tacit supporters of Boebert have responded to the backlash from the left by calling them out over their own blatant hypocrisy.

Case in point:

As previously reported, Boebert went viral after being spotted at the theater with Quinn engaging in unsavory behavior during a family friendly performance of “Beetlejuice.”

“A new video appears to show Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert being overtly fondled by her date in the middle of a musical theater performance of ‘Beetlejuice’ shortly before the pair were kicked out of the show for being disruptive,” Insider reported.

“The GOP representative … can be seen in the clip obtained by 9News appearing to have her chest groped and grabbing the crotch of her date during a family-friendly performance The Broadway League recommends for children 10 and up.”

The fact that she behaved so inappropriately at the family friendly event has also triggered recriminations — this time more-so from the right.


Boebert has for her part issued a veritable apology statement admitting that she could have done better but attributing her bad behavior to her recent divorce.

“There’s no perfect blueprint for going through a public and difficult divorce, which over the past few months has made for a challenging personal time for me and my entire family. I’ve tried to handle it with strength and grace as best I can, but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday. That’s unacceptable and I’m sorry,” the statement reads.

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