London Breed’s drag queen ‘gotcha’ moment during mayoral debate straight out of an SNL skit

For as long as there have been political debates, there have been “gotcha moments,” but one moment from San Francisco’s mayoral debate might just go down in history as the most bizarre ever.

Proving that priorities in 2024 ain’t what they used to be, San Fran Mayor London Breed attempted to “expose” a fellow mayoral candidate by testing his knowledge of drag queens.


“I would like to ask Mark [Farrell] a question. You were at the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and couldn’t name any LGBT advisors to your campaign, you were at the debate last week and couldn’t name and drag queens on your own, I was wondering- this is an opportunity to redeem yourself- if you could name three LGBTQ advisors to your campaign and three drag queens in San Francisco,” Breed said.

In a normal world where things like crime, economics, and local issues take center stage, a candidate would easily be able to brush off such an esoteric line of questioning. But this is California, so that’s not how it went down.

Instead, Farrell declined to “revise the drag queen question,” which was admittedly a good start. Then he completely derails by going on a rant about how pro-LGBT he is in order to appeal to a far-left constituency.

“What I will say is, I’m incredibly proud of the support I have from our LGBTQ+ community here in San Francisco,” he said.

“What I will do is stand by my record in supporting our queer community here in the city of San Francisco,” he continued. “When I was a member of the board of supervisors as a straight, white male, I was the one who authored legislation to make sure same-sex couples that work for the city of San Francisco- they were being taxed by our federal government for their healthcare benefits before same-sex marriage was legalized. I was the one who authored the legislation to make sure the city of San Francisco reimbursed those same-sex couples so they are treated equally in the eyes of the San Francisco residents, and equally in the eyes of San Francisco City Hall. I will continue to stand by my record of that, and I look forward to the continued support from our queer community in the city of San Francisco.”

Needless to say, X users jumped all over this:

Sierra Marlee


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