Mary Trump: White people have ‘never atoned for our original sins,’ GOP wants ‘to erase them entirely’

Former President Donald Trump’s zealously “woke” niece, Mary Trump, went on a rant last week about the need for all Republicans, white people, and so-called “allies” to atone for their “original sins” of slavery and genocide.

Speaking on far-left MSNBC contributor Michael Steele’s podcast, she began by claiming that Trump hadn’t changed the Republican Party party but rather made it possible for the party to reveal its inner dark side.

“Donald didn’t change the party. He revealed something about it that for various reasons, it was expeditious to keep under wraps. And he also gave people permission — those who wanted it and were willing to take advantage of it — to be their worst selves,” she said.

“Which is why so many people got pushed out of the party and so many other people — like the new leaders of the party, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz — decided that it was their time. And they weren’t wrong about this,” she added.

FYI, neither Greene nor Gaetz are leaders of the Republican Party. They’re highly respected, for sure, but neither hold positions of leadership.

Listen to Mary’s rant below:

“So just as with Donald, there is history here. And I think this is, this might sound reductive, but I think it’s absolutely true that the problems that have led us to this existential crisis we’re facing is that America has never faced its deepest, darkest issues,” she continued, prompting loud agreement from Steele.

“Yes, now we’re talking sister! Now we’re talking!” he said.

Steele used to be a Republican until he joined up with MSNBC, at which point he became indistinguishable from any other leftist.

Continuing her screed, Mary next zeroed in on the alleged sins of white people.

“White people don’t want to hear this. And even allies don’t like facing this stuff. And I get it. But it’s time to own up to the fact that we are here because not only have we never atoned for our original sins, we’ve never properly acknowledged them. And now Republicans want to erase them entirely,” she said.

“And part of that, it’s not just the original sins of enslaving an entire race of people and destroying an entire other race of people. But it’s not owning what white people in America have gained from the advantage of white supremacy and white privilege. And I think when you confront people that directly, they get defensive,” she added.

Republicans are not trying to replace history. What they’re trying to do is prevent the Democrats from infecting history with racial essentialism, a sick, sick ideology that says some people are superior or inferior to others based on their skin color.

Steele, who still purports to be a Republican (much like other fake Republicans like Jennifer Rubin and Ana Navarro, was once again pleased by Mary’s rhetoric.

“Yeah, yeah, very much so!” he said in response to her attack on white people.

Pushing ahead, Mary claimed that all white people — even those who are poor and homeless, evidently — have benefitted from the slavery of centuries past.

“That’s the problem. It’s like, okay, you’re not responsible. Nobody here is responsible for what happened 400 years ago. Those people are long dead. But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t benefited from the system that continues to this day to operate in America,” she said.

“And, Michael, I think that more than anything else is what keeps us on the precipice of losing everything. Not because of people on the right, but because people who really do believe in American democracy aren’t willing to face issues head on because it hurts their feelings or something,” she added.

Responding to her latest remarks, Steele practically had an orgasm.

“That is I mean, I’m having a very cathartic moment right now, because I’ve been trying to make this case for probably 25 years. And I put it this way, Mary: What ills America, what gnaws at her gut, can never resolve itself until America decides to resolve the issue of black and white,” he said with alacrity.

“It’s not about border. It’s not about the Asian community. It’s not about Hispanics. It’s not about the Germans or the French or the Italians who came at the turn of the last century. It has been and it will continue to be about the very intricate and delicate relationship between white people and black people,” he added.

To be fair, the relationship between white and black people is strained. But critics on the right say it’s because of the left’s constant attempts to stoke racial resentment and hatred by blaming white people for everything. Kind of like Mary and Steele were doing …

Vivek Saxena


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