Massachusetts couple agrees to host illegals, four get dropped off an HOUR later

A Massachusetts couple who volunteered to pitch in to help deal with the overwhelming number of illegal aliens who have flooded into the Boston area was surprised when four of the foreigners were dropped off on their doorstep less than an hour later.

Like good “woke” liberals, Colin and Jessica Stokes wanted to do their part as local officials have begun to plead with citizens to open their homes to the new arrivals who have overwhelmed shelters and have been put up at Boston’s Logan Airport but were surprised when the family of four arrived faster than most pizza deliveries.

“I gotta get sheets on the beds! How many are coming? Where are they from? What are their ages? We knew nothing,” exclaimed Jessica Stokes who along with her husband Colin, detailed the heartwarming story to CBS Boston last week.

“The family is lovely. They are so appreciative. It has been wonderful,” Jessica Stokes said.

The migrant family, who didn’t want to go on camera, had been among those who were sleeping on the airport floor before they were whisked away after being rescued by Mr. and Mrs. Stokes who eagerly welcomed them into their Brookline home.

The illegals had made the journey from Chile to Texas and then to the Northeast, a feel-good story that local officials hope will encourage more private citizens to open their doors to impoverished foreigners with unknown backgrounds.

“It boggles the mind that there are so many hundreds of those stories and those people who are in such a stressful, traumatic transition,” said Colin Stokes.

“It is incredible to observe on the front lines how challenging it is,” Jessica added of the local migrant crisis, one that has been replicated in sanctuary cities across the nation with the illegals piling up in public locations like airports as local governments plead for help, in Massachusetts the call has gone out for willing hosts.

(Video: YouTube/CBS Boston)

Some who have invited the illegal aliens into their homes are absolutely thrilled that they have found that they can be low-cost servants, kind of like slaves.

Lisa Hillenbrand who is also hosting a family of foreigners in her Brookline home gushed about the guests, like having her own personal chef.

“It’s a delight, and it’s really fun having them. What I realized is there’s so much prejudice against refugees mostly because people don’t know them,” she told NBC Boston.

“Dedham, Wellesley, Brookline – cities and towns that have so much more resources than the city of Boston. People who actually have more financial support,” said Democrat Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia who is urging residents to take the migrants into their homes.

“We need to do everything in our power to make sure that we are setting them up for success, or whatever success looks like. I think everybody should be opening their doors because this is a shared responsibility,” Mejia added.

“They’ve run out of hotel rooms, are kicking kids out of school for illegal housing and now they want your homes too,” billionaire X owner Elon Musk wrote on the platform last month, warning that it was only a matter of time until the government comes for private homes to stuff the illegals into.

Chris Donaldson


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