Megan Fox hammered after asking fans to give to friend’s cancer fund ‘as if she isn’t rich as f**k’

Wealthy actress Megan Fox was brutally bashed on social media for asking fans to donate to a friend’s $30,000 cancer fund on GoFundMe.

The GoFundMe was launched by Brittney Boyce, who is Fox’s friend and longtime nail tech. Her 64-year-old father has pancreatic cancer.

Somehow, Fox didn’t intuit the pummeling she would get for doing so. She is rumored to be worth somewhere around $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Fox asked her fans on Instagram to give to the fund under the auspices of covering her friend’s father’s exorbitant medical expenses so he can “focus on himself and not the stress on finances.” He just found out he had the disease after a CT scan. It is one of the deadliest cancers out there.

Considering her worth, it would have been a painless matter to write her friend a check for $30,000 and instantly reach her fundraising goal. But that didn’t happen.

“My friends dad was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer if you guys are able to help please do,” Fox captioned the request.

The 37-year-old actress re-posted the GoFundMe on her Instagram Story Monday, giving a direct link to it. The hammering then commenced on social media.

She was accused of “hoarding money” by critics for asking people “much poorer” than she is to give when they don’t have much to begin with.

“Megan fox sharing a gofundme for 30k has got to be a joke,” one person angrily tweeted. “as if she isn’t rich as f**k and could help their friend immediately lol.”

Another Twitter user was shocked that she even asked, “Millionaire Megan Fox just posted a gofundme on her Instagram story for her friend’s dad’s 30 grand cancer medical bills and I am absolutely speechless.”

“isn’t megan fox rich…? like girl did YOU donate to your friends dad? you could easily donate that 30K yourself…” someone else remarked.

It also appeared that Fox did not donate to the fund herself as the highest amount given was $300 and was from someone named “Jesus Guerrero,” according to the Daily Mail.

It should be noted that it’s more than conceivable that Fox donated directly to the family. GoFundMe has currently raised $7,686 as of this writing for Boyce’s father. The fundraising goal has been raised from $30,000 to $60,000.

According to Page Six, Boyce did Fox’s fiance Machine Gun Kelly’s diamond manicure at the Billboard Music Awards last year. That was allegedly worth $30,000 all by itself. She has also done Kim Kardashian’s nails as well as Kerry Washington and Olivia Rodrigo.

“He’s only 64 years old and still working wasn’t planing on retiring anytime soon. He has already missed a lot of work over this and i assume he will be missing a lot more,” Boyce wrote.

Her father picked up his first prescription after being diagnosed only to find out the expensive drugs are not covered by his health insurance.

“The cost of that alone was $1000 and it’s not even a full month supply,” she recounted. “My goal here is to help him w/ medical expenses so he can focus on himself and not the stress on finances.”

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