Melania Trump accompanies hubby to vote in style after hubby shared dossier doghouse details

Former President Donald Trump cast his vote in Palm Beach, Fla., on Tuesday, accompanied by his beautiful wife, Melania Trump.

Despite a little pre-election blustering, Trump confirmed to reporters he cast his ballot for Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is widely seen as his biggest competition for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination — DeSantis destroyed his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist by nearly 20 points.

But the rare appearance of the former first lady stood out as much as, if not more than who Trump voted for:

A beaming Melania, 52, was a picture of eloquence and class as she walked alongside her husband, serving up a big smile as photojournalists snapped away. At one point, the former first couple was seen holding hands.

The former model, who was shamelessly ignored by all the major fashion magazines in America throughout Trump’s four years in office, looked as stunning as ever, rocking a $1,990 gray and black Alexander McQueen pinstriped and checked wool-blend midi dress, according to the Daily Mail.

(Eva Marie Uzcategui/AFP via Getty Images)

“She paired the tight-fitting gown with $795 Christian Louboutin black pumps dark shades. She also carried a $30,500 Hermes Kelly handbag,” the British tabloid reported, adding that the cost of the purse was unknown but “a similar pocketbook is being resold on Sothebys for $30,500.”

Melania Trump has largely ignored the limelight since her husband left office in January 2021, only being seen on a few occasions. As the Daily Mail noted, the last time she was seen publicly was nearly three months ago in New York City, when she was spotted leaving the John Frieda Salon.

Interestingly, while stumping for GOP Senate candidate JD Vance in Ohio on Monday, Trump shared a little anecdote on Melania’s reaction to the unsubstantiated “golden shower” claim featured in the Steele dossier bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

According to the largely debunked dossier, Trump paid prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on a hotel bed Barack and Michelle Obama had once used.

“It wasn’t good for me to go home that night and explain to the first lady,” the former president said at a rally Monday night. “That was not a good dossier.”

“She said to me, ‘I know that’s not your thing,’” he added. “You know why? Because I’m a germ freak.”

Tom Tillison


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