Michelle Obama reportedly jealous over Melania Trump

A TikTok video has gone viral claiming Michelle Obama was jealous of Melania Trump at the funeral they attended together for former First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

The online post making the claim blew up, likely embarrassing Michelle Obama while also revealing how much hatred exists for Melania Trump.

TikTok user @republicanlatina03 posted the video that flatly accused former First Lady Michelle Obama of being jealous of former First Lady Melania Trump’s beauty and grace at the funeral. Not only did it go viral, but it brought out the worst in Trump haters as usual.

Also in attendance were former President Bill Clinton, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, former First Lady Laura Bush, President Joe Biden, and First Lady Jill Biden who gave their condolences to former President Jimmy Carter over his loss. All were seated in the front row at the funeral held in Atlanta on November 28.

@republicanlatina03 MELANIA TRUMP WILL ALWAYS HAVE HATE BUT WE KNOW WHY #melaniatrump #beauty #gorgous #unique #firstladymelaniatrump #oneandonly #hatersgonnahate #jelousy #youhateuscauseyouaintus ♬ original sound – Republicanlatina03

Standing out among the political heavy-hitters in the front row all dressed in black was Melania Trump in a light gray coat.

The TikTokker asserted in her video that the other first ladies were all envious of Melania Trump.

“[They’re] just jealous of Melania Trump and this just proves that the jealousy continues,” she declared while showing Melania Trump entering the solemn ceremony ahead of Obama and Bush.

“That’s why they hate her because they can’t be her. You hate what you cannot be. Melania Trump… is beautiful as always, super gorgeous,” the TikTokker proclaimed.

She showed a picture in the video from the service with Melania Trump sitting in the sun at the edge of the front row.

“From all the darkness in the room, the only one who had the light was Melania Trump,” the TikTokker stated, noting that “light is the truth and it’s a hope.”

That set off TikTok users on both sides. Some wholeheartedly agreed with the assessment while others scoffed at it attempting to smear Melania Trump with the educational achievements of the other first ladies.

One TikTokker user going by @mrsjean01 told @republicanlatina03 that she “must be real delusional to think that Michelle Obama gives two s**** about Melania Trump or that she is jealous of her. Girl, bye!”

@mrsjean01 #stitch with @Republicanlatina03 Girl bye #foreverfirstlady #delusional ♬ original sound – Republicanlatina03

“Michelle Obama? Michelle Obama is probably the most decorated first lady ever… She is the forever first lady and you think that she is jealous of Melania? The girl that all you’ve got to do is daggone Google her name and you can see all her s***?” the leftist sneered.

The derogatory comment appeared to be aimed at some of Slovenian-born Melania Trump’s modeling photos in French men’s magazine Max in the 1990s.

“Michelle Obama graduated from Harvard Law School. She got her PhD. She got her doctorate,” the TikTokker stated. “What Melania Trump got? Not a damn thing!”

“No, she’s the idiot—the only person in there that didn’t wear black that is clearly supposed to be worn is the preferred color when you’re going to a… funeral. Her entitlement is like way the hell up there if she really thinks that she is that important that she needs to stand out. Don’t nobody give a s*** about her. And let us not forget she stole Michelle Obama’s speech back then,” the woman viciously remarked.

Melania Trump did not plagiarize the speech. Trump campaign staff writer Meredith McIver was the one responsible for adding Michelle Obama’s words to the speech according to Newsweek.

The blow-up over Melania Trump’s attire was faux outrage as well.

“Amid discussion around Melania Trump’s decision to wear a gray coat to Rosalynn Carter’s funeral, Fox News host Jesse Watters last week displayed a photo of the late first lady wearing a grayish top while attending the funeral of Richard Nixon in 1994,” the news outlet pointed out.

“He also shared a photo of Hillary Clinton wearing a gray coat just before sitting down at Barbara Bush’s funeral in 2018, and another of Barbara Bush wearing a brighter coat at Ronald Reagan’s funeral in 2004,” Newsweek continued.


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