Migrant ‘repeat offenders’ attack cops while ransacking NYC Target

A group of Venezuelan criminal aliens reportedly attacked a contingent of NYC officers while attempting to shoplift from a local Target.

According to the New York Post, the attempted shoplifting happened around 6:50 pm on April 2nd.

“The thieves left a trail of destruction as they grabbed a backpack from a shelf, cut off its security tag and then moved ‘from aisle to aisle’ stuffing it with goods — including a gaming light, tools and assorted grub such as Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Doritos, strawberries and bottled waters,” the Post notes.

When responding officers arrived, two of the criminal aliens — Yusneiby Machado, 23, and Brayan Freites, 21 — attacked, reportedly wrestling, shoving, slapping, and pushing officers in a bid to escape.

Another criminal alien threw rocks at the officers, though none of them reportedly hit.

Target workers who later spoke with the Post said that the criminal aliens were being escorted outside when they attacked.

“One of them shoved the cop and it was going back and forth with them and the cops,” one employee said.

“The wild struggle left one officer with swelling, redness and pain on his left arm,” the Post notes. “He was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released.”

Despite the criminal aliens’ bad behavior and all the charges they were subsequently hit with — including robbery, assault, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, criminal possession of stolen property, disorderly conduct, and harassment —  they were given lightweight treatment.

“Machado was cut loose without bail under supervised release, despite a request from prosecutors that she be held on $10,000 bail,” according to the Post. “Prosecutors asked that Freites be held on $10,000 bail or a $30,000 bond, and [Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Jay] Wiener ordered him held on $3,000 bail or a $9,000 bond.”

Machado’s rap sheet is reportedly long and includes a Jan. 8th trespassing charge and a March 28th assault charge.

Freites’ rap sheet includes a January trespassing incident and a separate December shoplifting incident.

The three other suspects — Sebastian Jaramillio, 22, Michael Sanchez, 31, and Henry Zambrano, 19 — were arraigned on petit larceny and possession of stolen property charges and then released without bail.

Two of these three also have prior records.

“Jaramillo was charged with assault in October for allegedly slugging a 42-year-old man in the face at Grand Central Terminal, sources and records show. He was busted again for petit theft the following month and then grand larceny on March 8,” according to the Post.

“Sanchez, meanwhile, has petit larceny arrests on Dec. 17 and Dec. 28, 2023, a robbery charge from January, another petit larceny charge on March 18, and a robbery and domestic arrest on March 21,” the Post notes.

Speaking with the Post, a nearby street vendor, Terrence, said these gangs of criminal aliens have become a major problem.

“They are walking in groups and doing their stuff in groups,”  he said. “They are moving in a gang-life behavior.”

“I came here as an immigrant. I didn’t behave like that. I washed windows. I never stole anything. I don’t agree with that. I got a business two and they steal from me — socks, caps, long john sets,” he added.

NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban has for his part acknowledged that there are “some pockets of migrant crime” in the city but claimed that fears of an abundance of such crime is “perception versus reality.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his part responded to the Target incident by slamming the criminal aliens but stopping short of calling for their immediate deportation.

“If you are a repeat offender of a violent act in his city, after you serve your time, you need to leave this city. That is my position,” he said during his weekly press conference this Tuesday.

Like Caban, he also reportedly downloaded the number of criminal alien crimes occurring in the NYC area, claiming that the thus-far reported cases don’t represent all the criminal aliens in town.

All this comes days after the NYPD arrested five criminal illegal aliens after they attacked another man in his bed at a migrant shelter.

“Five men, between the ages of 20 and 33, are accused of pummeling another man as he ate food in his bed shortly before 2 a.m. at the shelter on East 125 Street,” Fox News reported. “The pack of migrants surrounded the bed and punched and scratched the victim ‘all over his head and face’ and on his legs, police said.”

Vivek Saxena


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