Mossad chief warns Iran plans to deliver more weapons to Russia, expand uranium enrichment for nukes

David Barnea, who is the chief of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, is bluntly warning that Iran is prepping to send more advanced weaponry to Russia as the two regimes deepen military ties and that the mullahs are increasing their efforts to enrich uranium to produce nuclear weapons.

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Tehran is flatly denying that the regime is supporting Vladimir Putin’s war with Ukraine as it sends more and more weaponry to Russia.

Barnea addressed employees at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem and emphasized that his agency is “still warning about Iran’s future and intentions, which it is trying to keep secret,” including Tehran’s efforts to “deepen and expand the supply of advanced weapons to Russia,” according to Fox News.

Over the past few months, Iran has reportedly sent weaponry to Russia including a shipment of Shahed-136 “Kamikaze” drones. Tehran disingenuously claims that it has not provided Russia with any weapons for the Ukrainian conflict, saying that it “has not and will not” do so.

The Mossad chief also said in the address to the spy agency’s employees that they had shared intelligence with Western allies earlier in the year that proved Iran was planning to send drones to Russia. Tehran plans to send even more to Russia, according to Iran International.

Barnea referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the Iran nuclear deal, as an “absurd” agreement, which echoed criticism by Prime Minister-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu told Fox News previously that the deal is “probably dead” after “the entire world saw what the true face of this regime is.”

“That’s thanks to the extraordinarily brave Iranian women and men who took to the streets – who take to the streets – against this vicious, murderous and brutal regime. And I think people ask themselves, ‘Do we want the ayatollahs, who chant death to America, to have the weapons of mass death and the ballistic missiles to deliver them to any part on Earth?’ and the answer is of course not,” he remarked, referring to the ongoing protests in the streets of Iran for freedom from its brutal regime.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“We are warning about Iran’s intention to expand its uranium enrichment program, and its intention to increase its influence over friendly Muslim countries in the region in various ways,” Barnea asserted.

Fox News is reporting that Iran is close to going nuclear: “Iran reportedly reached 60% enrichment of uranium at its Fordow enrichment plant, marking a dangerous step closer to the country’s goal of obtaining nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran had informed the agency that it had started to enrich uranium at the higher levels.”

“Weapons require 90% purity, but the level Iran has reached far exceeds its 20% produced prior to the 2015 nuclear deal, meaning that the country far exceeded the 3.67% cap the deal had mandated,” the news outlet added.

The Mossad chief slammed any potential agreement with the mullahs.

“Is this the country that the free world wants to sign any agreement with?” Barnea asked. “Our eyes will remain open, we will be doubly alert.”

“I repeat my promise, as I said here last year as well, that Iran will not have nuclear weapons… never. This is my commitment, this is the institution’s commitment,” he vowed.


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