MSNBC staffers ‘scrambling’ after bedbugs spotted at left-wing network HQ – report

Report of a potential infestation at MSNBC’s New York studios set staffers “scrambling” amid mockery ahead of Super Tuesday coverage.

“Bedbugs got the worse end of that deal.”

New meaning was added for “the city that never sleeps” this week as a Monday memo from Midtown Manhattan’s 30 Rockefeller Center disclosed a sighting of an “unidentified insect” around the studios of MSNBC Sunday.

According to the New York Post which spoke with a source from the corporate media outlet and obtained the memo, the pest problem centered around studio 3A where “The Rachel Maddow Show” and special election coverage were filmed.

“They are scrambling,” the NBC source told the newspaper. “They’ve already been borrowing an unused local studio for some shows in recent weeks. So studio space is tight.”

While MSNBC did not offer comment to the Post after an exterminator had been dispatched to the studio, control room and green rooms, the memo reportedly stated, “An environmental K-9 detection team will ensure the remediation efforts were complete and will take an extra pass, through extended areas of newsrooms [on the third floor].”

A source also told the paper that the “studio reopened an hour or so after [the] memo went out and inspection was complete.”

According to the pest control company Orkin, signs of bed bugs could include small brown stains on walls and they advised looking at cracks, gaps and edges when checking for an infestation.

In January, the company released its list of the top 50 cities with the most bed bugs in the United States and the Big Apple landed just shy of number one for the second year in a row as Chicago remained first for its fourth consecutive year.

Rounding out the top five based on where they performed the most treatments were Philadelphia, the Cleveland-Akron area and Los Angeles.

According to the cities’ own data collected by the Housing Prevention and Development Department, as of early Nov. 2023, complaints of bed bugs had increased by 17% across the five boroughs with 2,667 cases reported from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31.

As previously reported, when the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, Hawaii closed its gates in 2023 over a bed bug scare, the Environmental Protection Agency stated, “Experts believe the recent increase in bed bugs in the United States may be due to more travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices.”

The sighting of the “unidentified insect” at MSNBC’s studios comes as illegal aliens have continued to arrive in New York City by the thousands from dozens of countries without proper vetting. Still, amid the crisis, social media users couldn’t help but poke fun at the corporate media infestation.

Kevin Haggerty


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