Fetterman preaches fire about the Hamas terror organization, leftists howl in rage

Ever since he underwent treatment for clinical depression last year Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) has been a changed man, much to the dismay of many of those who were once his defenders.

The Pennsylvania Democrat has rejected the extremist views of the progressives who now dominate his party, sounding more like one of the old-school blue-collar liberals who have largely been vanquished, especially when it comes to support for Israel and the condemnation of the Hamas terror organization.

Fetterman did it again, letting loose in epic fashion on the X platform at a time when pressure from anti-Semitic Democrats has the White House getting squishy on its support for America’s vital ally in the volatile Middle East.

“At any point, Hamas could have ended this burgeoning tragedy to surrender and release every hostage. Now, they’re unwilling to provide a list of any surviving hostages,” he wrote. “Hamas is anathema to peace for Gaza. Hamas instigated and owns this humanitarian catastrophe.”

“Demand Hamas to surrender. Demand release every hostage. Demand to seize billions of dollars Hamas stole from Gaza. Demand those stolen billions to rebuild Gaza and compensate true victims- Israelis and Palestinians. Demand Hamas eliminated or permanently exiled,” wrote the senator in another post, taking the sort of hard-line toward the terrorists that Biden won’t because it would alienate his Jew-hating voters.

Fetterman was on a roll and took on a big lie from the early days of the conflict between Israel and the terrorists, a fib about whose rocket hit a Gaza hospital that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) falsely blamed on Israel in an X post that remains up to this day.

“I’ll always take the word of our ally over a group of cowards that hide in tunnels behind civilians and hold children, women and elderly hostage since October 7th,” he said. “Back then, they also blamed the hospital rocket hit on Israel; it was proven to be a Hamas ally.”

Fetterman’s non-sugarcoated truth triggered pro-Hamas leftists who howled with rage and betrayal.

Fetterman also got his share of props from X users who have been impressed with his mental reboot.

No Democrat has proven to be a bigger friend to Israel than Fetterman a courageous voice in a party rife with anti-Semites, a stance that has some progs wishing that he was dead.

“What I have found out over the last couple years is that the right, and now the left, are hoping that I die,” Fetterman told the New York Times last year. “There are ones that are rooting for another blood clot. They have both now been wishing that I die.”

Chris Donaldson


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