MTG declares ‘honeymoon is over’ for Mike Johnson, says speaker’s actions thus far ‘unacceptable’

Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R) unloaded on the “terrible” House speaker over his shift in positions since winning the gavel.

“Honeymoon is over; it’s all about actions from here on out.”

Little more than two months into the speakership of Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson (R), the Peach State lawmaker asserted that the leader’s record thus far wasn’t going to cut it in an interview with The Hill.

“He went from having a voting record to literally a month later … going against his own voting record and being Speaker of the House,” Greene said. “Literally all of a sudden talking about doing things that he had literally voted against only a month before that. And, you know, that was unacceptable to me, and it still is.”

“Trust is earned and that’s based on actions, not on promises or intentions or saying, ‘I’m brand-new here.’ Honeymoon is over; it’s all about actions from here on out,” she added when she voiced her intent to monitor Johnson’s decisions moving forward.

A particular sticking point for the congresswoman was the speaker’s action on the “clean” continuing resolution (CR) to avoid the government shutdown — a position integral in the ousting of predecessor, outgoing California Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

“Mike Johnson comes in and first thing he starts talking about is passing another CR, and I’m like, wait a minute, what? You just voted against it. That was the whole reason why Kevin McCarthy got ousted, was working with Democrats and passing a clean CR. And you know, for me I was like, what a hypocrisy,” Greene told The Hill.

“And then the next thing he starts immediately talking about is funding Ukraine, that shocked me,” she went on. “I was like, why would he even be talking about that? He voted against it.”

The lawmaker has continued her stance against short and long term CRs that advance the whims of leftists like President Joe Biden and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) and urged Friday for the House to “pass our remaining [appropriations] bills and tell the Senate to do their job as now 2 government funding deadlines are looming!”

“We are approaching $34 trillion in debt,” she continued. “Government spending is the sole driver for the inflation that is crushing Americans.”

Adding, “The absurdity in Washington is beyond comprehension,” Greene tied in her personal motivations in running for office to the current funding disputes and said to The Hill, “I wasn’t a team player. I wasn’t even involved. I was a regular American, a very successful business owner, a mom who raised my kids, and a Republican voter who felt let down by Republicans in Washington, D.C. So that’s who I am, and I’m still that person.”

“I’m not the Republican team player; I never have been,” the Georgia lawmaker stated.

A spokesperson for the speaker told the outlet, “Speaker Johnson takes into consideration the input of each and every one of the members across the Conference,” and Greene, who vocally opposed other legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), remarked, “I would love to help Mike Johnson be successful, but so far I can’t support the decisions that he’s made.”

Kevin Haggerty


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