Musk is risking everything; SEC, DOJ have begun ‘joint investigation’ into mogul, legal source says

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(Video: Fox News)

By challenging the establishment’s “monopoly on free speech,” billionaire investor Elon Musk is going to war against “the very heart of neoliberalism,” and in doing so, he’s “risking everything that he has,” according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” late Thursday, Carlson explained that “censorship and propaganda are at the very heart of neoliberalism,” which is why Twitter is so important to the neoliberal establishment.

Twitter allows the establishment to control the flow of information with a fine-tooth comb of iron-curtain suppression. Voices that dissent against the establishment can easily be disappeared, while voices that echo its narratives can be amplified.

“This is not a company that exists to make money. This is a company that exists to censor speech. That’s its whole purpose,” Carlson said.

This is why Musk’s attempt, made Thursday, to purchase all of Twitter poses such a threat to the neoliberal establishment — and, in turn, places Musk at such high risk of seeing everything he’s built be destroyed.

“By challenging the monopoly on speech — not just in the United States, but globally — on Twitter, on this central platform for ideas, Elon Musk is risking everything that he has,” Carlson explained.

“His many businesses intersect with governments around the world. They’re not for this. They could crush him for even suggesting it. So he’s all in. He has to be all in even to say something like this,” the Fox News host said.

And indeed, the neoliberal establishment has already begun unsheathing its knives, as evidenced by the bombshell report below filed by Fox Business Network’s Charles Gasparino:

“In other words, threaten to allow people to speak freely, and we’ll crush your businesses,” Carlson said in response to Gasparino’s report.

The Fox News host continued his monologue by cataloging some of the most unhinged reactions from the neoliberal establishment to Musk’s purchase offer.

Below are a couple of examples:

“Really?! So for democracy to survive, the citizens in the democracy need to talk less, need to express their opinions more guardedly, need to shut up? What kind of democracy are we talking about?” Carlson asked in response to the unhinged reactions.

“It’s not democracy, as the Athenians or the founders of this country understood it. Democracy [nowadays] is [just] a euphemism for letting our mafia run your country for our benefit.”

He continued by noting that Musk’s potential purchase of Twitter is a threat not just to those “occupying seats of political power,” but also to those who earn their money “working” as the neoliberal establishment’s veritable cyber brown shirts.

Those specifically like the Anti-Defamation League and Media Matters.

“Groups like the ADL or Media Matters take money in order to censor people. They issue some report calling you a racist, and then social media shuts you down. Elon Musk is saying, no, people should be able to speak freely,” he said.

“That would mean the end of their control over speech, groups like the ADL and Media Matters. So the media and these nonprofit groups have to stop this before it happens. … Again, you can’t overstate what a threat this is,” he continued.

Carlson concluded his monologue by taking a swipe at neoliberals like far-left professor Robert Reich, whose specific complaint about Musk’s purchase offer is that a billionaire so-called “oligarch” shouldn’t wield such power:

“So all of a sudden, the political party that’s supported almost exclusively by oligarchs like Jeff Bezos and the Google guys is telling you that it’s dangerous for rich people to have too much control over speech. Really?” Carlson said with exasperation.

“Facebook is controlled by one person, Mark Zuckerberg, but that’s not a threat because Mark Zuckerberg is happy to work on behalf of the Democratic Party. Once again, if anything, we are understating what a big deal this move on Twitter by Elon Musk is. If free speech is restored to even one big social media platform, it all comes tumbling down.”



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