‘MY ideology can rise from the ashes’: Maryland ‘equity officer’ espoused desire to ‘burn it all down’

Buzzwords belied the stated desires of a “racial equity officer” hired in Maryland whose social media accounts included support for genocide and calls to “burn it all down.”

The track record of public officials in College Park, Maryland appeared to only get worse according to a report from Fox News Digital highlighting one Kayla Aliese Carter. Having taken on the role of Racial Equity Officer created in the wake of the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, statements from before and after her appointment included considerable amounts of racial animus.

According to the city’s website, “In an effort to address racial inequity, the City of College Park’s Mayor and Council passed ‘Resolution 20-R-16’ in 2020 which renounced systemic racism, declared support of Black Lives, and called for the ongoing explicit and conscious confrontation of racism.”

Fox reporter Hannah Grossman’s look at Carter’s online activity found that days after the death of George Floyd in police custody, the future Racial Equity Officer posted, “Today I cohosted and occupied space with dozens of people who have committed their lives, businesses, and money to Black liberation. On all days, every day, each day. Light workers. Already planning (BEEN PLANNING) for how we will eat and live and grow after we burn it all down.”

While other posts highlighted in the report reflected the woman’s position prior to her appointment, like an Instagram post from Feb. 2021 that called to “Remember we are at war against colonialism. We can’t forget,” a post in the wake of the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel featured favor for genocide.

Sharing images from a November rally of Hamas sympathizers with demands for ceasefire and open borders in the Middle East and in the southern United States, Carter captioned with the anti-Israel slogan, “from the river to the sea.”


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At the time she took on the role, College Park still retained its since disgraced Mayor Patrick Wojahn (D), the former official and “mentee” of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who pled guilty to 140 counts of possession and distribution of child pornography and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Other posts from Carter had her referring to white people as “yt” with posts that read, “I can’t believe I forgot to tweet this earlier but I went in the office this morning a yT said, ‘You cut you hair — or took it out I guess…’ I was so confused bc I haven’t had braids in a month…but this distracted me from the fact that I need a new job.”

“I hate when White children stare at me its literally terrifying so I just [stare] back until they stop,” a 2021 comment read while in April and July 2022 she had posted, “This is why I can’t stand Blacks…” and “This is why I cant trust yT people,” respectively.

The report also stated her account had a header that read, “I can’t wait for society to collapse so MY ideology can rise from the ashes!”

On Wednesday, after Grossman had made note that she had reached out to Carter and the mayor’s office for comment, an account appearing to belong to the official posted on X, “Hannah Grossman published an article about me and now my email is filled with death threats from the Fox News fan club lol.”

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