New app lets consumers see how ‘woke’ their favorite brands really are

The Bud Light fiasco involving Dylan Mulvaney has proven that boycotts can be crippling for a brand and that there is meaning behind the phrase, “Go woke, go broke.”

Disney and Target have also gotten recent reminders of this after venturing into woke waters involving the sexual exploitation of children, and now there is an app that can inform consumers if their favorite brands are skinny dipping in these same waters.

Called Veebs, the app is free on the App Store and allows users to scan items in grocery stores and get a values score. To ensure it’s getting off to a good start, Veebs made a smart decision to employ model and gold influencer Bri Teresi to plug its launch:

There’s also this video:

“[A] new criteria is becoming even more important than ever before — the brand’s own values,” the Veebs website states. “What does the brand ‘stand for’? What values does the brand promote and endorse?”

The money in consumers’ pockets is precious and hard-earned, the company adds. “Consumers directing their money to brands that also stand for what that consumer stands for? That is values based shopping™.”

There is an easy-to-understand scoring system that displays a 1-100 score for every brand or product you search or scan in the app, the website explains.

“The scoring methodology used by the App to produce the V Score is a complex calculation that takes into consideration many factors about a particular brand, some objective and some subjective,” the blog post said.

Here are the V Alignment rating scores:

1-19 … “Bad” (Dark Red)

20-39 “Poor” (Light Red)

40-59 “Low” (Orange)

60-69 “Fair” (Yellow)

70-79 “Good” (Light Green)

80-100 “Great” (Dark Green)


Suffice it to say, the word is getting out and companies consumed with woke ESG scores may soon have another scoring system to be concerned about:

Tom Tillison


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