New Biden official tries to distance himself from eye-popping tweets about ‘slave patrols’ and more

Cross-dressing, cop-hating, anti-Semitic radical Tyler Cherry served more than three years at the Department of Interior and then was promoted to associate communications director at the White House.

He claims that his prior statements on X no longer reflect his current views. A statement that many flatly don’t believe. Cherry’s promotion came last week after his stint under Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and evidently one at Media Matters.

Now, he is being blasted over old social media posts resurfacing that compare police officers to “slave patriots” and cheer on the “Free Palestine” movement.

According to the New York Post, Cherry wrote in 2015 following the death of Freddi Gray, who was black and died while in police custody, “Praying for #Baltimore, but praying even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by explicit and implicit racial biases.”

That was followed months later by another post on X that was just as hateful, “Time to recall that the modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs.”

In 2014, Cherry posted a number of pro-Palestinian tweets, including this gem, “Cheersing in bars to ending the occupation of Palestine – no shame and f— your glares #ISupportGaza #FreePalestine.”

He called for ICE to be done away with while charging that Republicans are too focused on “white grievance politics.” He also promoted Russiagate.

Cherry evidently wants all that to be brushed aside as youthful indiscretion, writing on X Sunday, “Past social media posts from when I was younger do not reflect my current views. Period. I support this Administration’s agenda – and will continue my communications work focused on our climate and environmental policies.”

After numerous conservatives on X hammered Cherry and the White House over their hypocrisy, the Biden administration clapped back by issuing a statement to Fox News where White House Senior Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates brazenly stated, “We’re very proud to have Tyler on the team.”

Users on social media do not share that sentiment and made it very clear exactly what they think of Cherry:


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