New CNN poll a nightmare for Biden as Trump opens up biggest lead EVER

Weeks of media propaganda that the polls were breaking in Joe Biden’s favor were washed away by a strong dose of reality in a new national CNN poll.

There’s just no way to spin the rotten numbers from the just-released CNN/SRSS poll which shows former President Donald J. Trump with a comfortable lead on his geriatric opponent, numbers all the worse because of the network being Biden’s top media cheerleader.

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According to the poll, the resilient Trump is holding a 49-43 percent lead against the deeply unpopular Democrat in a head-to-head matchup, a slight drop for Biden from the 43 percent in the network’s last national poll from January.

Worse news for Biden is that 55 percent see Trump as having a successful presidency, with 44 who see it as a failure, an absolute nightmare for the Democrats considering years of 24/7 fake news and propaganda along with multiple lawfare political prosecutions that have been brought against the presumptive GOP nominee.

More troubling for the incumbent’s reelection hopes is that 61 percent of Americans say that his presidency has been a failure – presumably the people who shop for their own groceries with only 39 believing that Biden’s horrific tenure has been successful.

Trump’s lead is the highest in the history of the CNN polling.

In a matchup between Trump and Biden with the three independent candidates – RFK Jr., Cornel West and Jill Stein – the former president’s lead swells to 9 points, besting Biden 42-33.

The poll shows that even Biden’s signature issue, granting relief from student loan debt is underwater with only 44 percent approving.

His approval on the war in Gaza is horrific, with a whopping 71 percent disapproving to only 28 percent down with Biden’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, probably more a reflection of the deep anti-Semitism of the Democrat base than anything.

On the bright side for Biden, there are still enough people swallowing the hogwash about Biden being a defender of “democracy” with 58 percent saying that the phony issue is important to them.

Trump touted the results in a post to Truth Social without comment.

The CNN poll comes after a Gallup survey found Biden had the lowest approval rating of all presidents in modern history at a similar time.

“The CNN poll was conducted by SSRS from April 18-23 among a random national sample of 1,212 adults drawn from a probability-based panel, including 967 registered voters. Surveys were either conducted online or by telephone with a live interviewer,” according to CNN.

Chris Donaldson


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