New tell-all that names alleged ‘racist’ in royal family, is being ripped from shelves

The British do love a good scandal, but one author of a juicy tell-all may have gone too far.

Omid Scobie’s “Endgame,” which features interviews “with current and former palace staff, trusted friends of the royals and even family members themselves,” has been ripped off the shelves in Holland after the translated edition of the book reportedly included the names of two allegedly “racist” royals who, according to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, expressed concern over the skin-color of her yet-to-be-born baby, Archie.

As it turns out, U.K. law — void of the First Amendment rights we Americans all too often take for granted — prohibited Scobie from naming the royals in question, a fact he stated during an interview with “Good Morning America.”

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According to Dutch royal journalist Rick Evers, who spoke with ITV’s “Good Morning Britain,” the translated edition of the book revealed one “very specific” royal name and was “a little bit vague” about the identity of a second royal who also expressed concerns about Archie’s skin tone.

“I was shocked that no one else in the world mentioned the fact that a member of the royals was named in the book as the racist,” Evers said according to The Sun.

“That was the main accusation in the book that I noticed and what I put in my (review) article, which was published with a photo of that royal,” he continued. “I began to question if it was only my manuscript that had the name in it. I went to get the book from a store and it was exactly the same. A woman called from the publisher saying there was a legal problem and my article had to be removed.”

Fox News Digital confirmed that the book was pulled from the shelves in Holland on Tuesday.

“The rectified edition of ‘Eindstrijd’ by Omid Scobie will be in bookstores on Friday 8 December,” the publisher told the outlet. “Xander Uitgevers temporarily removed the book from sale, due to an error that occurred in the Dutch edition.”

Scobie, appearing on the Dutch chat show RTL Boulevard, denied ever naming names.

“The book is in several languages, and unfortunately I do not speak Dutch. But if there are translation errors, I’m sure the publishers will have it under control,” he said. “I wrote and edited the English version. There’s never been any version that I’ve produced that has names in it.”

Buckingham Palace did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment, and HarperCollins noted that it only published the U.S. version of “Endgame” and was not responsible for the Dutch version.

The issue of alleged royal racism was initially raised by Markle during her and Prince Harry’s notorious interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

The couple stated that there had been “concerns and conversations about how dark [Archie’s] skin might be when he’s born.”

“About how dark your baby is going to be?” Winfrey asked.

“Potentially, and what that would mean or look like,” Markle replied.

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In an interview with ITV, Harry denied that the duo had accused the royals of being racist, noting that there is a “difference between racism and unconscious bias… the two things are different.”

“Once it’s been acknowledged or pointed out to you as an individual, otherwise an institution, that you have unconscious bias, you, therefore, have an opportunity to learn and grow from that…. Otherwise, unconscious bias then moves into the category of racism,” he explained.

Piers Morgan, meanwhile, had no problem with calling out the royals who were allegedly named in Scobie’s book.

Claiming he doesn’t believe there was “any racial intent” on the part of the royals, he stated, “The royals who were named in the book are King Charles and Katherine, Princess of Wales.”

Melissa Fine


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