Newsweek deputy editor: Biden’s latest ‘COVID-era handout’ is lining the pockets of elite class

Batya Ungar-Sargon, the deputy opinion editor of Newsweek, is raising eyebrows with her harshly critical assessment of President Joe Biden and the policies his administration is pushing.

The author of Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy, weighed in on Biden extending the pandemic-era freeze on student loan payments, the “sixth such extension of his COVID-era handout, which has spanned two years and two presidencies,” Ungar-Sargon wrote in a piece published by the Daily Mail.

An extension that defies explanation, according to the liberal, who insists that it “really doesn’t make much sense.”

“The Biden administration can’t decide whether the pandemic is over or not. For migrants entering the U.S. illegally at the southern border, the pandemic is over,” Ungar-Sargon said. “The administration is putting an end to Title 42, a policy that allowed Border Patrol officers to immediately turn back migrants thanks to the dangers posed by the pandemic. But when it comes to highly credentialed, over-educated Americans, the pandemic’s challenges apparently continue unabated.”

Ungar-Sargon suggested that these seemingly contradictory policies are in fact two sides of the same coin, and that the elite class in America continues to benefit from the president’s pandemic-related actions.

“The two policies demonstrate how progressive elites continue to line their pockets with the proceeds of policies that sound like social justice but actually buttress the economic interests of the rich,” she wrote. “Together they are an obvious and craven attempt, by a desperately unpopular president, to give disgruntled and unenthusiastic Democratic base voters something to get excited about ahead of the midterm elections.”

Insisting that “affluent coastal professionals” are the real base of the Democratic Party, Ungar-Sargon said this “solves the mystery of why the administration is pushing policies that benefit the people who need them the least.”

Here is her breakdown on how they benefit:

A new study has found that the wealth inequality gap between college-educated and non-college educated Americans has absolutely skyrocketed.

The college-educated have amassed an estimated $23.4 trillion between 2019 and 2021, compared to just $3.4 trillion for those with only a high school degree.

In fact, as of the end of 2021, the share of national wealth held by U.S. households lead by someone without a high-school degree shrunk to a record low.

It’s the most affluent of those college-educated people—the people with the extra $23 trillion bucks in their bank accounts—who have benefitted from the moratorium on student loans: doctors and lawyers and people with a graduate degree, as the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found.


Citing journalist Brad Polumbo, Ungar-Sargon noted that the average doctor received $48,500 in loan forgiveness for undergraduate loans, while the average lawyer got $30,000 in loan forgiveness.

Polumbo shared his data in a tweet earlier this week:

Ungar-Sargon pointed out the obvious, that the vast majority of Americans who didn’t take out a loan for college got nothing.

“It’s these Americans who are struggling the most right now as inflation (record-high gas and grocery prices) eats away at their earnings,” she observed. “And they’re now being asked to foot the bill and bear the burden of a policy that benefits the rich—and is likely to make inflation worse.”

In noting that the progressive left continues to advocate for canceling all student loan debt, Ungar-Sargon stressed the hypocrisy of those claiming to represent the working class doing so.

“Instead, the so-called progressives and socialists of the Democratic Party advocate for total and unqualified student loan forgiveness, the benefits of which would go to the top 40 percent of American households,” she penned. “Members of ‘The Squad’ including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have routinely called for canceling all student debt, including that of Americans who have attended the top schools in the country, ignoring the fact that the lion’s share of such benefits go to doctors and lawyers and dentists and accountants.”

In conclusion, Ungar-Sargon said: “At a time when the college-educated have never had a larger wealth advantage over the two-thirds of Americans without a college degree and as inflation and gas prices are crushing working-class Americans, the Biden administration is asking the working class to continue to help pay off the debts of the Americans least in need of assistance, at a time when the working class can least afford it.”

To the surprise of many, Ungar-Sargon appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight earlier this week, and she did not hold back on slamming President Biden over the manipulation of class warfare.

“He failed at the one thing they really needed him to do, which was to sustain the fiction that the big divide in America is political, when…the real divide is about class and on a host of issues from COVID to crime, to inflation, [and] to the role the U.S. should be playing in the war in Ukraine,” she told host Tucker Carlson.

“Your working-class and middle-class Americans who are Republicans and Democrats, they just aren’t divided on these issues,” Ungar-Sargon said. “They’re divided from the elites who claim to represent them, but there’s that yawning gulf between the liberal media, the elites in the Democratic Party and where average Americans on both parties are at. I think they thought President Biden would help them paper over that gap when what’s happened, is, he’d come to embody it. So they’re distancing themselves from him to hide from their own failures.”

Her harsh assessment of this president is earning her a new nickname: ‘The next Tulsi Gabbard.”

Tom Tillison


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