‘Not a single word you said was true’: Twitter pushes back when MSNBC panelist compares Biden to Mick Jagger

Acting as a de facto Biden surrogate, political activist Kaivan Shroff took on the difficult task of convincing the few viewers MSNBC draws that at the age of 80, President Biden is as spry as a spring chicken — but not just any chicken.

No, according to the senior adviser for a DC-based nonprofit focused on education, Ol’ Joe can strut like a rooster just as well as Mick Jagger himself.

And, to showcase his left-wing bona fides, Shroff said anyone who disagrees that the feeble commander-in-chief who shows signs of early-stage dementia is good to go are engaging in “ageism.”

Schroff shamelessly explained that being 80 today “is very different than in days past,” and referenced a photo of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger that he claimed was on his wall — he appeared to gesture to artwork behind him that depicted David Bowie — to stress that the iconic rocker is 9 months younger than Biden “and he’s still touring, up through last year. So, I think the age thing is overblown.”

“Mick Jagger is only 9 months younger than Joe Biden. He went on tour last year at age 79. Joe Biden is both fit and fit to serve another term. Don’t buy into ageism,” he said, in sharing the clip on Twitter.

To no one’s surprise, social media users understand what seems to escape Schroff, which is that there is a helluva lot more at stake as president of the United States than there is to taking the stage to sing a song.

Here’s a quick sampling of some of the responses to the story, as seen on Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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