NY BLM leader arrested after getting in officer’s face, threatening to beat the ‘sh*t’ out of him

Infamous New York-based Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome was arrested after threatening a police officer Tuesday.

BLM activist Hawk Newsome reportedly threatened the officer while showing up to the Bronx Criminal Court for a hearing about an NYPD sergeant who’d killed a suspect by throwing a cooler at him last summer.

Video footage from outside the hearing showed Newsome threatening the officer for no discernible reason.

“You think I’m scared of you?” he said in the clip. “I’ll beat the s–t out of you. You must be out of your f–king mind. You see how I’m all up on you? You’re a vagina … F–king vagina.”

Watch the clip here.

(Source: Video screenshot)

“Newsome was slapped with three summonses for disorderly conduct in the wake of the caught-on-camera saga,” according to the New York Post.

It’s not clear how the scuffle broke out. What’s known is that Newsome had been comforting the family of the “victim” when a New York State Court officer allegedly approached the group and accused them of loitering at the courthouse.

“I’m not going to sit here and try and not say I wasn’t vocal,” Newsome later told CBS News. “Yes, I was vocal. I care a lot. A man was smashed in the head with a cooler and killed.”

That may be so, but his behavior toward the cop still elicited massive anger and backlash on social media, with NYC councilwoman Vickie Paladino leading the charge.

“If you are within reach of an officer’s firearm and behaving in an unambiguously hostile and threatening manner like this, you should be tased at the very least,” she tweeted Wednesday. “Lethal force should not be out of the question either if tasers are ineffective and he situation escalates.”

“It is beyond absurd that our police have to put up with this. Showing even an ounce of deference to this kind of abject hostility only invites more, and makes the job that much more dangerous. Criminals used to understand that actions like this crossed a line and would lead to bad outcomes. Now they know there are no consequences so they push even further. It’s a very dangerous game, enabled by progressives who cheer the chaos,” she added.

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Note what one critic wrote: “This Hawk guy is bad news. He promised and threatened to make trouble in this city and i take his word for it.”


Last summer he reportedly threatened and extorted an ice cream truck driver, according to independent journalist Rondo Clinton.

Newsome originally went viral during the violent, deadly Black Lives Matter riots of 2020. During a Fox News appearance that June, he told host Martha MacCallum he wanted to “burn” everything down.

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system,” he said.

Speaking later with then-Fox News host Chris Wallace, he was asked to explain the purpose of spouting such vitriolic rhetoric. He replied by stating that he’s from the streets, and thus he’s merely echoing the sentiments of the streets.

“I live in the Bronx, I live amongst the people,” he said. “So it’s not like I’m sitting here pushing a button. But if people keep seeing these images of their babies, of their babies, of black people being killed, if they keep dealing with financial inequality and inequity, it reaches a point of frustration and people lash out. This is a matter of inevitability that people will lash out because they’re feeling like they’re backed into a corner.”

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