Ocasio-Cortez STUMBLES after reporter’s question – interview goes wrong!

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) ducked on answering a simple question about why she hasn’t paid a visit to the southern border since President Joe Biden took office despite constantly harping about the issue.

In an extensive interview with The New York Times, the Democrat diva refused to answer the question about her lack of presence to observe the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe at its source despite the city where her district is located being flooded by illegal aliens, a crisis that has sent state and local officials into panic mode.

AOC, who has likened border child detention facilities to concentration camps and famously posed for a staged photo of herself crying while wearing a white pantsuit outside the fence of what was said to be one such facility during the Trump administration, has been the invisible woman since Biden was sworn in, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

When the Times interviewer pointed out that under the Biden regime, “more asylum seekers are being held in private detention centers than under Trump” and that “families are still being separated” and asked what grade she would give the current administration on immigration, Ocasio-Cortez acknowledged, “Immigration is arguably this administration’s weakest issue.”

“This is one area where our policy is dictated by politics, arguably more so than almost any other,” she said, adding, “We also need to examine the root causes of this migration and address that this problem doesn’t start at our border, but it starts with our foreign policy.”

She declined to give a direct answer when asked, “Why haven’t you used your considerable clout as a Latina leader to visit the border and highlight the ongoing issues there now, like you did during the Trump administration?”

“Well, this is something that we’re actively planning on. What I have done is tours of our New York-area facilities,” she said. “Right now, this crisis is in our own backyard, and we have toured the Roosevelt Hotel, and I think it’s been very important for us to — especially to my constituents, who are demanding accountability on this — to look at that front line that is right here in New York City.”

When pressed again as to why she hasn’t flown south despite presenting herself as a visible leader on immigration, she danced around the question.

“I want to get to New York, but we’re two and a half years into this administration, the crisis has been burgeoning, and you have been a self-declared and widely viewed leader on this issue,” the interviewer stated.

“Yes, yes. Well, I mean, again, I think that this is something that we have been working on. But when this crisis is right here in our own backyard, I have absolutely prioritized having that visitation presence,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And I also think that there’s a very, very, very dangerous understanding of the frontline of our migration crisis being just our border.”

“And if we only think of the immigration crisis as a border issue and only understand our border as a southern border and not John F. Kennedy Airport, that constitutes a lack of imagination when it comes to immigration,” she added.

“But under the Trump administration, you did make the southern border an issue,” the interviewer pointed out.

“Yes. And again, I will be visiting the border,” she said without providing any details on when she would do so.

In the same interview, the congresswoman also teased the possibility that she could be holstering her itchy Twitter/X trigger finger.

“If one monitors my use of that platform, it has fallen precipitously. I think what would constitute a formal break is something that we actively discuss — whether it would require an event or if it’s just something that may one day happen,” she said of the platform where she has been ridiculed as well as clashed with billionaire X owner Elon Musk.

Ocasio-Cortez’s refusal to answer the basic question during her NYT interview on why she has spent even less time at the border than VP Kamala Harris, the nation’s alleged border czar, shows that there is no good answer for her continued absence.

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Chris Donaldson


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