Ohio pizzeria’s job listing for ‘non-stupid people’ sparks fierce debate

Santino Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio is the subject of intense debate on social media after the owner posted a sign that said “Now hiring non-stupid people,” with some finding it hilarious while others got offended.

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The controversial red-and-white sign looking for help was placed on a fence outside the restaurant and it’s now getting a lot of attention.

The sign was put up two months ago but didn’t go viral until someone named Allison Ruth put it on Facebook last week.

Ruth has now turned off comments to her post because the exchange over it got too heated, evidently.

“I would never work there. Also won’t buy there because who conducts business like this?” one person said who was obviously offended.


Another saw the humor in the ad that was meant as a joke, “This is f—ing hilarious. I’m picturing the application. ‘Are you stupid?’ ‘Has anyone told you you’re stupid?’ ‘Do you think you’re stupid?’ ‘Do your parents think you’re stupid?’ ‘Do your pets think you’re stupid?’ ‘Please reference your last three employers and indicate if they thought you were stupid.'”

“Grow up and be a professional. Seems this idea came from a playground, not an adult,” another person carped.

“What is their definition of stupid? Also, I would never apply to a place that advertised jobs in that manner because it’s likely a very toxic work environment,” another perpetually offended person asserted.

One commenter was blunt, “Sometimes you just have to spell it out…”

“Its perfect! if your too soft to make it past the now hiring sign ..then you might be to soft to deal with Karen’s and criticisms..” a commenter remarked.

Another proclaimed the pizzeria had won his business, “I will be taking my pizza needs to this establishment.”

One man lauded the business on its marketing acumen, “Lol look at all this free promotion this guy is getting you guys calling him stupid. He knows how to market that’s it.”

And another person stated that it should be a standard hiring procedure, “I think all now hiring signs should say that.”

The owner, Jayden Dunigan, claims that the ad was meant to be a joke. She discussed the backlash in an interview with ABC 6, claiming it “wasn’t meant to target anyone or be rude.”

“It’s more humor than anything,” she noted. “A lot of people we’ve hired just don’t want to work. There is no work ethic behind them, so that’s the meaning behind the ‘Non-stupid.'”

Heather Stockton, who is a manager at Santino’s, told CBS affiliate WBNS that she’s looking for an employee who is “just reliable, on time, just, don’t come to work in like sandals.” She also said they put up the sign after people were no-shows for job interviews or didn’t take the work seriously.

Following the post going viral, Dunigan told the media outlet that someone pranked the family-owned business by placing an order costing over $100 and then just didn’t pick it up.

“It was about 10 pizzas. We made the order, he called back, he talked down to one of our employees. He said our pizza sucks, and he’s canceling the order,” she recounted.

The pizzeria donated the unused pizzas to charity. The owner explained, “Since we don’t enjoy wasting food here, we always think that someone else in need can enjoy the food.”

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