Purple-haired House Dem snaps; calls GOP ‘terrorists’ during heated markup hearing

Democrats in Congress show no signs of relenting in the violent, over-the-top rhetoric used to attack Republicans, with the latest example coming from a purple-haired lawmaker who has made a career out of standing out in a crowd.

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) evidently took issue Tuesday with some GOP members while considering a funding proposal for the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development — her point of contention is that three LGBTQ+ earmarks were stripped out during markup.

So how did she respond? By calling her Republican colleagues “terrorists.”

“Is there no limit on how low you will go to break the faith and trust (on) which this committee is supposed to operate — all to placate the whims of some, who I might add, in looking historically, do not ever vote for appropriations bills,” an angry DeLauro said. “You are negotiating with terrorists!”

“It’s clearly, and directly a bigoted decision because the Republican Party doesn’t like gay people,” she added.

DeLauro’s incendiary remarks sent the committee into recess after Republicans motioned for the Connecticut Democrat’s words to be stricken from the record.

Rhetoric such as this remains a staple of U.S. politics these days, despite a Bernie Sanders supporter opening fire in 2017 on a group of GOP lawmakers practicing for a congressional baseball game, wounding five.

Ironically, Democrats are crying that striking earmarks directed at the LGBTQ+ community will lead to violence.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.), who is gay, suggested the GOP amendment that blocked the funding AND “extraneous flags” — see gay pride flag — from being flown at departments or agencies could lead to gay people being beaten with baseball bats.

“I wasn’t out yet, left a gay bar, and two people followed me and beat me with a baseball bat ’till I was bloodied unconscious and called me a ‘faggot,'” Pocan said of an incident he has recalled for years. “This is what you guys do by introducing amendments like this taking away from people’s earmarks.

“If you were to take away earmarks because they went to the NAACP or the Urban League, you would rightfully be called racist bigots,” he cried out. “But when you do it to the LGBT community, it’s another frickin’ day in Congress.”

Tom Tillison


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