Racial arsonist Joy Reid accuses GOP of ‘bringing back the lynching vibe,’ arch-neocon talks ‘secession’

Left-wing racial arsonists are pouring more gasoline on the fire as the Democratic party seeks to lock down power in next year’s pivotal presidential election and once again, leading the way is MSNBC’s Joy Reid, perhaps the most vile race-baiter in modern media history.

Few have been willing to go to the lengths that the “race lady” does with her brazen lies, fearmongering, and anti-white vitriol that pushes the buttons of already emotionally unstable leftists, many of them on the edge of violence, and she invoked the specter of lynching in order to nudge them further toward the precipice.

“You have Republicans in multiple states including Florida passing and pushing laws that will allow people to hit Black Lives Matter protesters or any protesters they like with their cars….They seemed to have gotten back into lynching, hanging, all sorts of other draconian 19th-Century fare. What is going on with Republicans that they seem to be bringing back the lynching vibe?” Reid said in a recent diatribe.

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“Fascism has many features,” she added. “And one of them is this sort of lust to be able to harm or kill your political opponents and it feels like across the board on the right, there is this kind of sort of lust for that, right? For we need to be able to not let our political opponents vote, but also to hurt them or worse.”

Conjuring up another vibe, this one of a new succession led by former President Donald J. Trump, was arch-neocon Robert Kagan, the husband of warmongering Biden regime official Victoria Nuland and a deep thinker who has been vastly influential in the U.S. government’s shift into fascistic authoritarianism over the last two decades.

Kagan, who also serves as an editor at large for the Washington Post claimed that a loss by Trump in 2024 would bring about a fracture in the country not seen since the Civil War.

“He’s going to make it clear to his supporters that if he loses it can only be a result of fraud and therefore I think the entire Republican Party is going to — if Trump loses — say that the election was fraudulent and at that point I think we face a very serious possibility of dissolution of the United States and secession,” he said on Friday’s edition of “Washington Post Live,” a talking point that will likely be often repeated over the next 18 months.

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Kagan, who along with fellow neocon ideologue William Kristol, co-founded the defunct think tank The Project for the New American Century, has tremendous influence in Washington circles and a vested interest to do whatever it takes to prevent the return of a vengeful Trump who has already pledged to supporters that he would be their retribution.

In an ominous sign of things to come, more leftists are spewing incendiary rhetoric to feed the flames, including another MSNBC host, “Morning” Joe Scarborough, a man who holds the unique distinction of being the only member of Congress to have had a dead intern found in his office back when he was a GOP lawmaker from Florida in 2001.

Scarborough pegged the meter on hyperbole in likening a spate of recent mass shootings to war zones and blaming it all on his former party holding out against the gun grabbers.

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“We’re now seeing images that resemble a film that we saw out of Vietnam, video that we saw out of Fallujah. Video that we saw out of Kandahar. Video that we see when our soldiers are fighting foreign wars, and they take gunfire,” he recently claimed. “Except this is happening in local banks. It’s happening in elementary schools, it’s happening at country music concerts, it’s happening in churches, it’s happening in synagogues, it’s happening in grocery stores, it’s happening in colleges, it’s happening everywhere Americans live…”

“Republicans always said ‘we got to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.’ Okay, well, we’re fighting them over there, but we’re fighting ourselves over here. We’re fighting a Republican Party that will not do what 90 percent of Americans want them to do,” Scarborough said.

The constantly escalating inciteful rhetoric coming from the regime’s surrogates shows that it will go to extreme lengths to prevent its claws from being pried from the levers of power and the fomenting of sectarian hatred and perhaps violence is clearly a part of the gameplan.

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