‘Racist aristocracy’: Kamala Harris reportedly big fan of country club slapped with scandalous lawsuit

Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, are reportedly members of a rabidly racist country club.

In January, the Los Angeles Times ran a report revealing that the Hillcrest Country Club, among other local venues, was one of “14 of Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff’s beloved L.A. spots.”

Fast-forward to Monday, when former club member Matthew Winnick filed a suit accusing the club of boasting discriminatory policies, according to an exclusive story by the Daily Mail.

Winnick, the son of the late billionaire telecommunications tycoon Gar Winnick, says in the suit that the club retaliated against him after he complained about these very policies.

“Perhaps no institution embodies the racial disparities and resistance to change more starkly than the infamous Hillcrest Country Club,” Winnick’s suit reads. “While every-day Angelenos have advocated for progress and equality, Hillcrest has itself maintained its core principle of exclusion, under the pretext of exclusivity.”

In the suit, Winnick says that the club originally opened in 1920 “for the Jewish community” and that for 67 years it “refused admission to women and severely limited admission to non-Jewish members.”

“Symbolizing a 150-acre plantation in the heart of Los Angeles, Hillcrest’s 585 members are shielded from the true racial makeup of the City through its racist policies enforced by its bigoted and selfish leadership,” the suit reads. “The prejudicial impact of Hillcrest’s makeup on the business, professional and employment opportunities of minorities cannot be ignored or minimized.”

“Hillcrest claims to be founded on the principles of diversity and generosity. It boasts to the world that it upholds the highest principles of inclusivity, that the Club is intent on giving back to its community. In reality, Hillcrest is overwhelmingly white, pays an embarrassingly low property tax (approximately $250,000 annually), and has no desire or incentive to change. Hillcrest is a racist aristocracy, subsidized by the City to the tune of nearly seventy (70) million dollars per year,” it continues.

Why does Winnick refer to the club as a plantation? Because it reportedly employs mainly Hispanics, who in turn then serve the club’s overwhelmingly white members.

“[The club] scoffs not only at laws barring discrimination; it also disregards reports of sexual assault and drug abuse,” the suit further reads. “In fact, Hillcrest promotes such unworthy (but racially acceptable) people who so engage and punishes those who complain. ‘Hillcrest’s leadership reflects the Club’s depraved standards.'”

The debauchery reportedly goes all the way to the top, with the suit pointing out that club president Jason Kaplan’s been accused of sexual assault and “making racist remarks in incidents that the Club has refused to investigate.”

In his suit, Winnick points to an instance in March of 2023 when Kaplan yelled “CALLATE” (meaning “shut up” in Spanish) at him.

“Plaintiff was alarmed, confused, embarrassed, and hurt by Jason Kaplan’s rude interruption,” the suit reads. “Plaintiff was later approached by Jason Kaplan, whereby Plaintiff expressed that he was offended. Kaplan was displeased with Plaintiff questioning him, telling him: ‘You want to mess with me?'”

The suit also accuses Brad Fuller, the club’s Membership Committee chair, of having “built his career on creating pornographic and violent films that glorify murder and reinforce harmful stereotypes.”

The suit also alleges that Hillcrest Club’s former president Michael Flesch, was “a beneficiary of nepotism” and “has used his position to secure admission for his son, Warren Flesch, an addict who, by his own words, nearly murdered a homeless man during a cocaine and heroin infused psychotic meltdown.”

“Hillcrest has always been a discriminatory club, and will continue to be a discriminatory club so long as it continues to indulge its leadership’s racial tendencies,” the suit reads.

“Its leaders have and will continue to promote their own undeserving children for membership at the expense of racially-mixed families and the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion,” it continues. “‘This Complaint is not merely a legal action; it is a moral reckoning. It demands a transformative response, challenging the Club to face its discriminatory practices head on.”

What makes all this ironic is that Harris and her husband love to preach about the importance of so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Yet they proudly remain members of this club.

Vivek Saxena


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