Randi Weingarten can’t hide from backlash after blaming teacher shortage on ‘constant scrutiny’

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten tried unsuccessfully on Wednesday to push some left-wing propaganda on the public.

Quoting from The Washington Post, that morning she published a tweet blaming America’s ongoing teacher shortage on “the culture wars that put teachers and staff under constant scrutiny over any conversations involving history, racism, and sexuality.”

In other words, she sought to blame the teacher shortage on conservatives speaking out against children being exposed to adult sexual content and being indoctrinated in radical nonsense like racial essentialism.


Despite Weingarten boasting over 120,000 followers, as of Thursday morning her tweet only boasted a paltry 57 likes and 0 comments. Granted, the lack of comments was attributable to Weingarten locking her post so that only those whom she “follows or mentioned can reply.”

That said, even though no one could directly reply to her post, they were still able to indirectly respond to her in general.

One group of critics who responded indirectly argued that teachers who purposefully expose their students to radical/inappropriate content deserve the extra scrutiny for pushing a “woke” agenda.


As previously reported dozens of times, teachers all across the country have been caught teaching their students that they can identify as any gender they want and that some races are oppressors and some are victims. They’ve also been caught purposefully exposing children to adult content.

Moving along, another set of critics zeroed in on the vaccine mandates that Weingarten and her allies in the Democrat Party had staunchly supported earlier in the pandemic.


They had a point. Take the mandate in New York City.

“The New York City Department of Education set a vaccination deadline for its teachers, requiring them to get vaccinated for COVID-19 before Sept. 5 of this year, or they would be fired. When the September deadline hit, the DOE fired 850 more teachers and support staff for not meeting the mandatory deadline,” NewsNation reported in September.

Critics also blasted Weingarten over her and other school unions’ support of school closures, mask requirements, and other unnecessary acts.


It’s true that Weingarten and her union worked hand in hand with the Biden administration when it came to masking children.


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