San Francisco seeing a rise in ‘rampant and brutal sex trafficking’ and residents are FED UP

Residents of San Francisco’s Mission District are desperate to put a stop to all the sex trafficking occurring right before their very eyes.

So desperate are they that they’ve launched a petition demanding the city install 16 license plate readers in the area to discourage any additional sex trafficking.

“San Francisco is failing the Mission District and its less privileged, mainly BIPOC constituents,” the petition reads. “The City has no consistent plan in place to prevent rampant and brutal sex trafficking infiltrating and degrading the neighborhood.”

“The situation is further exacerbated by reckless driving by the Johns which has resulted in countless hit and run accidents and violent traffickers who have vandalized homes and cars in the neighborhood. The overall impact is immeasurable harm for trafficked women and girls and for the Central Mission neighborhood, families and businesses. The city of San Francisco, due to its decades long neglect of the situation, is responsible,” it continues.

Just how bad is the problem? One anonymous resident told The San Francisco Standard that the trafficking has become “pretty overt.”

“The resident said he has seen fights break out between sex workers and johns. Workers have also approached his guests, offering their services. He’s witnessed trespassers on his and other neighbors’ property and friends being accosted as they walk by,” according to the Standard.

“We had a guest on her way back from visiting us, and she was approached as if she was a working girl,” the anonymous resident said. “My 18-year-old son has been accosted by a sex worker who asked him, ‘Do you want some p—y?’ Everyone is blatant. It is not discreet at all.”

“I’ve had my car sideswiped twice,” another resident said. “I’ve had sex workers go inside my yard and have sex on the side of my house.”

A third resident added that the Johns coming to buy sex tend to not give a damn about the people who live there.

“If you were to go [through the neighborhood] on any given night, the people who are driving have no regard for the safety of the people who live here,” the resident said.

“The way they drive, it seems like they are intoxicated. If I were walking when this activity is out, I wouldn’t feel safe on what is supposed to be a slow street,” they added.

Why is all this happening? Critics believe it’s a result of the Safer Streets for All Act that far-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law.

“The legislation, signed in July 2022 and officially taking effect at the start of 2023, repealed a previous law that banned loitering with the intent of engaging in prostitution,” according to Fox News. “The bill was championed as one that would help protect transgender women from reportedly being targeted by police.”

In the face of all this trafficking, critics are now demanding the governor repeal the law, though he remains too busy attacking Republicans to care.

“After the decriminalization bill went into effect in 2023, I accompanied the San Diego Police Department to Dalbergia Street to see what was happening for myself. I did the same with National City Police to view the impact on Main Street,” San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan, a Republican, recently wrote for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

“I witnessed firsthand the unintended consequences of SB 357. What I saw was an open sex market with young women barely dressed and a line of sex buyers waiting in cars as casually as if they were at a drive through ordering a hamburger. The traffickers, sex sellers and buyers were totally undeterred and carried out their business with impunity,” she added.

She concluded the column by demanding Newsom repeal the law, SB 357, and “also increase penalties for sex buyers who are lining the pockets of traffickers.”

Newsom for his part pledged when he signed the bill that his administration would remain “cautious about its implementation” and monitor for any negative repercussions.

Yet, when questioned by Fox News about the trafficking outbreak in Mission District, his administration had little substantive say.

“As the Governor stated when he signed the Safer Streets For All Act, the Administration is closely monitoring the implementation of this particular law, and is committed to responding to any unintended consequences,” the governor’s office said.

Vivek Saxena


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