Scary Florida gator photo – like no other – sparks frenzy on X

Social media posts about Florida alligators are common and often focus on a shocking glimpse at one of the creatures or a tragic report of an attack.

But a recent image of a gator in Englewood, Florida sparked some hilarious reactions on X where the “pedestrian” theme became the focus of user responses.

Shared by WINK News Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt, the picture of an alligator hanging out – or possibly trying to climb a wall – made quite a visual impact. DeWitt noted that a viewer had sent in the photo from the southwest Florida town.

“Watch for pedestrians on left & right,” read a sign behind the giant creature, prompting Gov. Ron DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw to write, “He’s watching for pedestrians!”

Other X users also felt the alligator was just following the sign’s directions.

Some suggested he was waiting for a delivery or was just doing his job.

Many X users felt this would be reason enough not to move to Florida.

Frieda Powers


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