‘Scumbag’ vandalizes Washington Monument: ‘Have you been f***ed by this’

While hating America is a byproduct of many of our institutions of higher learning, a result of the neo-Marxist propaganda that dominates college campuses, the defacing of the Washington Monument on Tuesday may be the work of someone with mental health challenges.

Or a person with a serious grievance.

Fox 5 DC reporter Katie Barlow shared a photo on social media of a graffiti message spray painted in red on the 555-foot obelisk completed in 1888 that read: “Have you been f*cked by this? Gov says tough sh*t.”

It’s impossible to speculate what may have prompted the vandal to go to such lengths, but he didn’t bother to skedaddle — or didn’t have time. Either way, a person was detained. Barlow shared a video of police taking the culprit into custody:

U.S. Park Police issued the following statement: “Alert: Area around base of the Washington Monument temporarily closed. USPP have adult male in custody for vandalism. NPS conservators will work on restoration process.”

Surprisingly, a member of the media took offense to the defacing of a monument built to commemorate George Washington, the first president of the United States whom school children were once taught was the “Father of our Country.”

WUSA9 anchor/reporter Adam Longo tweeted: “This is why we can’t have nice things. Some freedom loathing scumbag has defaced the Washington Monument with paint and vulgarities.”

For what it’s worth, former President Donald Trump signed an executive order in June 2020 and he announced during a speech at Mount Rushmore that people who damage or deface federal statues or monuments “will get a minimum of 10 years in prison.”

Of course, that was then and this is now. As one social media user noted, the vandal is more likely to be released without bail.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story that drove a lot of passion from Twitter:

Caution: Strong Language.

Tom Tillison


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