‘Sharp and focused but sometimes confused’ – AP takes Biden gaslighting to a new level

The Associated Press has taken the gaslighting about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness to an entirely new level to shore up public confidence after the CNN debate fiasco.

Once the gold standard for news, the AP has like nearly every other domestic mainstream media outlet become nearly a parody of its former self and its defense of the flailing and feeble octogenarian ventures into the territory carved out by CNN with its widely panned coverage of “fiery but mostly peaceful” race riots during the 2020 George Floyd “summer of love.”

The outlet’s puffery of Biden is titled “Often sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful,” a piece that tries hard to convince voters who were shocked by the debate to believe the propagandists and spinmeisters and not their own lying eyes and ears.

The piece is bylined by a whopping five AP writers who cite input from two dozen people, most of whom are anonymous, a now customary practice from a media that has lost the trust of the American people.

While the piece is slightly more even than its ridiculous headline, it uncritically repeats Biden regime talking points and gives their excuses validity.

AP shared its effort to mitigate the damage on X and the responses were as EPIC as could be expected given the pure gaslighting of the headline.

There’s a good reason why the majority of Americans now hate the mainstream media and it’s hard to see how the trust can be rebuilt, especially with the scorched earth efforts to save the Democrats from an electoral bloodbath in November.

Chris Donaldson


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