South American crime rings have spread across America stealing millions. Just like we’d been warned.

More and more communities are starting to be alerted to the rise in organized theft by criminal illegal aliens.

BizPac Review first broached the topic in December, noting at the time that “transnational organized crime groups” from South America were burglarizing an increasing number of homes across America.

Months later, the trend persists unabated.

“They’re taking advantage of coming to the U.S. and committing these crimes, and being able to disappear to some degree,” Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania police department told local station WPVI this week.

He told the station that he’s seen at least three separate groups of criminal illegal alien thieves targeting his community as of late.

“On February 1, police said two men were involved in a theft at the Ulta in Exton that netted about $2,000 worth of merchandise. They were identified as Albert Torrealba Jordan and Keiver Guilarte Camps, both from Venezuela,” according to WPVI.

“In June, police said a man was caught on surveillance at Kohl’s in Exton stealing $17,000 worth of merchandise. The Peruvian national was arrested and deported in the fall, but he’s already back in the U.S.,” the station notes.

The same thing is being seen in Oakland County, which boasts at least one Detroit suburb.

“More and more the conclusion is pretty obvious – these are transnational gangs that are involved in this that come from South America looking to do burglaries and violate our communities, not just in Oakland County, but across America,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said back in September.

And they’re clever thieves too. Bouchard explained that they’re using jammers to bypass wireless security systems that rely on WiFi.

Bouchard said at a news conference in December that 30 to 40 homes in the county that includes Pontiac and Auburn Hills were believed to have been hit since September. Five robberies occurred that past weekend alone.

Over in Kenner, Louisiana, meanwhile, the same thing is happening, according to Gov. Jeff Landry, a Republican.

“In the city of Kenner, which is right next to New Orleans, the chief has already well-documented the fact that illegals in the City of Kenner are basically recruiting the young juveniles who came into the country, to basically become criminals,” he recently said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”


Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley later confirmed this himself to local station WVUE, telling them that the thefts are being committed by gangs of criminal illegal aliens.

“Ninety-five percent of them have intent — they’re working, they’re being good community neighbors — but there’s a percentage of them that come in here, they break the laws, they violate our communities, they’re obstructing the quality of life. And it just seems to me that if they’re not in this country legally, we shouldn’t have to deal with them,” he said.

“You can consider it a criminal enterprise. … These groups throw videos up on social media where they are riding in a car with AR-15s and they’ve got Glock switches making them fully automatic. They got drum magazines that have a high capacity and a quick, quick round distribution that’s scary to law enforcement,” he added.

And then there’s New York City, where Venezuelan gang members on mopeds are snatching people’s phones, using the financial information on them to rob their victims, and then sending the phones to South America to be wiped and sold, according to the New York Post.

“[S]ources [say] that the brutal Venezuelan ‘Tren de Aragua’ gang has moved into New York by having its members cross the southern border and claim asylum, and is likely behind many of the moped robberies,” the Post confirmed this past Monday.

All of this is of course being facilitated by the Biden administration, which stubbornly refuses to secure the border and stop the flow of criminal illegal aliens into the United States.

Vivek Saxena


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