Tarlov claims victory after Biden whistleblower testimony. Watch Perino push back.

After Hunter Biden’s business partner testified, Jessica Tarlov wondered where GOP members “who never met a microphone” they “didn’t love” were.

“Why do you think that is?”

(Video: Fox News)

Monday, Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and business partner Devon Archer, who sat with him on the board of Burisma, appeared before Congress to testify about then-Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in their business deals, including with foreign entities.

While spin doctors like New York Rep. Dan Goldman (D) attempted to retcon the elder Biden’s past remarks to fit a new narrative that the calls he sat in on were just “casual conversation, niceties, the weather” and so forth, Jessica Tarlov wondered at the supposed lack of pouncing Republicans.

The co-host of “The Five” took part in a bit of a back-and-forth with fellow Fox News personality Dana Perino and asserted, “I mean, [Minnesota Rep.] Tom Emmer, who’s the number three Republican, has already been on TV, says there’s no piece of paper connecting them. [Ohio Rep.] Jim Jordan, who never met a microphone he didn’t love, only said it was ‘very productive.’ Why do you think that is?”

“If you want to say that Dan Goldman was, you know, out ahead of his skis saying it was only the weather, etc., then explain to me when they had hyped up this $5 million payment. And Dan Goldman says on air that Devon Archer had no idea about it. He was on the board of the company, he would absolutely know about something like that and that he may have been on the phone, but they didn’t discuss his business dealings insofar as him being involved in them,” she continued.

However, GOP members like House Judiciary Committee chair Jordan were not wholly mum as Tarlov suggested, and the Ohio congressman told the Washington Examiner Monday of the phone conversations, “Remember, Joe Biden said it didn’t [happen], and it happened, and I think the number Archer gave was around 20 times, and it didn’t surprise me that Joe Biden didn’t get on the phone and say, ‘Hey, we got your message. I’m going to talk to the prosecutor. I’m going to hold up money.'”

“Of course, that’s not going to happen,” he continued. “What’s going to happen is Hunter Biden says, ‘Hey, you guys want to say hello to the vice president? Say hello to my dad, vice president.’ That’s what’s going to happen.”

“It was all to show the influence and sell ‘the brand’ that Devon Archer talked about, so that doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Jordan.

Meanwhile, on “The Five,” Perino wondered how long Democrats would be able to continue denying President Biden’s connections to his son’s business.

To that, Tarlov expressed, “Yeah, we can keep it up as long as it continues that nobody has a piece of paper or a bank transfer or something legit linking President Biden, the person we care about — everyone — I don’t know a single Democrat who defends Hunter Biden or his character or anything about him.”

Perino, a one-time White House press secretary during President George W. Bush’s administration, jumped in, “Can I stop you there? Because I rarely interrupt…I was just thinking about this. So when you get a commissioned position at the White House and you go in to take your, you sign the ethical papers, right? One of the things that you are asked to do is to make sure that, one, you avoid a conflict of interest, but also that you avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

“And that’s on the vice president, Joe Biden at the time. No wonder President Obama was like, let me go with Hillary instead of this guy in 2016,” she charged.

“Well, I think that it was a larger issue, obviously, surrounding what Beau Biden’s death and that Joe Biden was not in the right frame of mind to then go mount a presidential campaign,” Tarlov tried in response. “I agree with you. And this was a big issue in the 2020 primary. Remember, [Massachusetts Sen.] Elizabeth Warren really capitalized on this and said in my White House, we will have restrictions that make it impossible for what happened with the relationship between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, with him serving on boards of foreign entities.”

“Would she be critical now?” asked Perino.

“I think that — I’m sure the same criticism would be lobbed,” Tarlov suggested, “but it wouldn’t get you to ‘Joe Biden is a mob boss’ and that’s what Republicans want.”


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