‘The Five’ dissects interview with climate ‘therapist’: ‘Your irrational behavior means you’re a good person’

The constant fearmongering and propaganda about the alleged climate change doomsday has done a real number in the heads of already neurotic leftists and a PBS interview featuring tips from a”climate psychology therapist” on how to deal with the stress is being ridiculed, with the crew at “The Five” offering up their take on the madness.

On Sunday’s edition of “PBS NewsHour,” anchor John Yang discussed the severe anxiety suffered by many over the encroaching threat of global warming with Leslie Davenport, a mental health practitioner who according to her website, specializes in “climate aware therapy for addressing the eco-anxiety and eco-grief of climate chaos,” an interview that was broken down by the co-hosts on Tuesday’s edition of the popular Fox News show.

“All that vandalism, blocking traffic and gluing hands to the pavement, well it’s apparently taken a toll on climate activists’ mental health, but have no fear, there’s now a climate psychology therapist who can help them cope with the global warming armageddon, and yes, that’s a real title,” said Dana Perino as she kicked off the segment with a clip of Davenport from the PBS interview.

(Video: Fox News)

“I call this the climate industrial complex,” she said, following the PBS clip. “As if you haven’t spent enough of your tax dollars on all of these things now you’re gonna pay out of your pocket, or your health insurance is gonna pay so that you can get therapy about global warming.”

“This is a psyop against the American people by big business and the Democratic Party to worry you into giving you [them] more of your money,” Jesse Watters stated after joking about his visits with his own shrink. “You know, the world’s gonna change, everyone’s gonna die, tax me, tax me, tax me, and when someone is that anxious, they will do anything to solve the problem and the government says we just need to spend more money to solve the problem and that money goes to their donors.”

“Greg, what a racket, climate therapist,” Perino said, turning the floor over to co-host Greg Gutfeld.

“I know. And I love how what she says you know the solution is there is none,” he responded. “Because you’re a good person and you care so much that in fact, your irrational behavior means you’re a good person. I would disagree.”

“Thinking that you’re living in the time of the apocalypse is the ultimate ego-obsessive behavior,” Gutfeld continued. “That somehow in 14.6 to 20 billion years of existence, you happen to live in that 50-year span where the earth dies and you could save it… you are the one in billions of years, how stupid are you to believe this stuff?”

“How self-indulgent are you to think that the world is ending? Do you know the real secret? Why a lot of these people have this problem is they have no friends because if they had friends, their friends would tell them to shut up,” he added. “So they walk around and end up being alone every night because they’re too busy annoying people. This is a perfect example of how the left ends up treating the problems that the left creates…”

“They created this thinking and now they need therapists to deal with the thinking,” Gutfeld added. “I think it’s time to defund the left.”

“There are several approaches are two main areas. One is there are lots of tools for processing complex feelings, learning how to calm our nervous system, not getting stuck in obsessive thinking, taking media breaks when necessary. And so that’s a big part of it,” Davenport said during her PBS interview. “But also we really encourage people to find their own way of becoming part of the solution. How can each person contribute in some way to creating a healthier, safer world, not only is that something that we all need, but it’s empowering to not feel as victimized by what’s happening.”

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