This #GoogleLeaks thread could be a bigger deal than the Twitter Files

In a “Twitter Files” style thread, one independent journalist made the case for Elon Musk to further expose the unseen machinations of his social media company based on 2019 leaks that demonstrated Google’s influence over elections.

Going by the name KanekoaTheGreat, the previously banned account that was restored by the billionaire entrepreneur, took to Twitter Monday with a link to a September substack he posted that declared “Google Rigged The 2020 Election.” The piece called back to the 2019 report by Project Veritas which spoke with Google insider Zachary Vorhies who leaked nearly a thousand pages of internal documents that detailed alleged censorship and suppression of conservative content.

“In 2019, 950 pages of Google’s internal documents leaked, providing evidence of Google’s use of blacklists and machine learning algorithms to censor conservatives and populists,” Kanekoa wrote. “These are the type of source documents @elonmusk should release.”

The post went on to emphasize Google’s footprint of roughly 5.6 billion searches every day accounting for approximately 90 percent of searches conducted on the internet, with the runner-up in traffic being YouTube, garnering around 1 billion hours of daily video views.

“In other words, our minds, our political beliefs, and our world views are inseparably linked to Google’s search results,” Kanekoa asserted, “but Google is no longer an objective source of information, and the tech giant is actively censoring what we see.”

Vorhies had said in 2019, “I’m going to publish this information so that other people can see the system that Google has built in order to control the entire information landscape,” and added, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re left or whether you’re right, when you see this, both sides are going to agree that this is wrong.”

After sharing clips of prominent members of Google’s team like co-founder Sergey Brin and chief legal officer Kent Walker at a company meeting where the former said of the 2016 presidential election, “I certainly find this election deeply offensive, and I know that many of you do too,” and the latter committed to tackling “populism” and “nationalism” from the “fear,” “hatred” and “xenophobia” demonstrated by voters of then-President Donald Trump, the thread noted how key players in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign were from Google, which had provided her “a campaign plan a full year before she announced her run for president.”

The thread reminded readers of Project Veritas’ 2019 sting that had footage of Google executive Jen Gennai talking about “preventing the next Donald Trump situation,” alongside a clip of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki describing exactly how “‘machine learning’ and ‘classifiers'” were being used “to bury ‘trashy news’ and promote ‘authoritative news.'”

To facilitate this suppression, Google reportedly blacklisted conservative websites and silenced topics they considered taboo from showing up in search results like, “Las Vegas Shooter,” “Heritage Foundation” and “Pro life,” KanekoaTheGreat detailed in the Twitter thread.

Contending that as it was already determined that Google’s actions had likely cost Republican candidates no less than $2 billion in donations by considering over three-quarters of their fundraising emails as spam – compared to around 10 percent of emails from Democrats – KanekoaTheGreat concluded that Dr. Robert Epstein, the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, “and the premier academic studying how tech giants use algorithms to manipulate behavior,” should be granted access to the “Twitter Files” to expose harms done as “Many of the concepts that his research pioneered are used by Twitter to subconsciously swing election results.”

“In summary, @elonmusk should release source documents on blacklists and machine learning algorithms used to stifle free speech,” the user concluded. “Giving access to an expert like @DrREpstein would help show the world how a handful of silicon-valley executives manipulate the minds of billions.”

At the time of this posting, Musk had not commented on the thread.

Kevin Haggerty


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