Trump admits hiring Wray as FBI director ‘probably’ a mistake, blames it on ‘sad’ Chris Christie

For all of his accomplishments, former President Donald J. Trump’s White House tenure will also be remembered for his failures, especially when it comes to poor hiring decisions and one of the worst of his personnel misfires may be FBI Director Christopher Wray who was tabbed to replace the disgraced James Comey, a decision that the GOP frontrunner probably wishes that he could have back.

Trump acknowledged that the hiring of Wray, who has presided over the FBI at a time of extreme distrust for the once esteemed federal law enforcement agency which many feel has morphed into the secret police for the Democratic party, was a mistake, one which he blamed on a man who has become his chief Republican antagonist, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a kamikaze candidate who has been deployed with the mission to sink Trump’s shot at a second White House term.

The former president sat down for an interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo that will air on Sunday, a sneak preview of which was teased by the host on Friday’s edition of her Fox Business show, “Mornings With Maria” where she asked him about whether he made a mistake in hiring the high-powered private sector attorney to take over for Comey.

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“Was it a mistake to put Christopher Wray there?” Bartiromo asked.

“Yeah, sadly. It probably was,” Trump answered. “He was recommended very strongly by Chris Christie, who’s you know, a sad case. I mean, I watch him. He’s a sad case.”

“Well, he’s in this race he said just to take you down,” Bartiromo said.

“Well I know,” Trump said. “You know how he’s doing? He’s at one percent and he probably won’t even make the debate stage.”

As far as not making the cut, Christie announced on CNN that despite his miserable poll numbers, he has amassed enough donors to qualify for the first GOP debate.

“Chris is a… he’s sad. I mean I watched him the other day. He said I built 47 miles of wall, I built over 500 miles of wall and that’s Homeland Security statements, “Trump continued, referring to Christie’s calling him a liar on one of his many media appearances. “I had the safest border in the history of our country.”

“I built massive miles of wall, and was gonna put up another 200 miles, everything was built, they just had to erect it,” he added. “Would have taken three weeks…far beyond my statement about building a wall, I was way over. I mean what we did was incredible.”

“But between the wall and Mexico, when you say Mexico…I got Mexico… you know what? I got Mexico to pay for 28 thousand soldiers on our border,” Trump told Bartiromo. “You know people said ‘well, Mexico,’ well Mexico did pay. They gave me free of charge, 28 thousand soldiers.”

Last Sunday, the blustering Christie appeared on “Fox News Sunday” where he accused him of being a liar during an interview with anchor Shannon Bream.

Trump also took to Truth Social to jab “Sloppy Chris Christie” after his Fox News attack.

“Sloppy Chris Christie, who is polling at 1% and left his State, New Jersey, with an Approval Rating of 9% (the WORST number in State History), was interviewed on FoxNews (of course!) and stated that I only built 47 miles of Border Wall, knowing that the actual number is 463 Miles, as reported by the Department of Homeland Security,” Trump said.  “This does not include many Miles that we fixed or renovated or areas that I got Mexico to secure. BEST BORDER EVER! He also lied about Russia & many other subjects!”

Christie shot back on Twitter, trying to bait Trump onto a debate stage for a nationally televised ambush.

Trump is likely regretting the day that he took Christie’s advice on Wray, whose FBI has engaged in political persecutions of social conservatives, Catholics and Trump supporters and even the former president himself when agents stormed his Mar-a-Lago residence last summer.

Under Wray, the Bureau is now widely seen to have become a fearsome domestic version of some of history’s most notorious foreign police forces, with one poll taken last year showing that half of respondents believed that the FBI is Biden’s own personal “Gestapo” so it is safe to say that hiring him was one big fat mistake for Trump.

The full interview between Bartiromo and Trump will air on “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News.

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